Thanks For the Memories Rolling Stone

If you ever wondered whether Jann Wenner was still in control of that fashion, sorry music magazine Rolling Stone, then look no further than the 500 best albums of all time list that comes out Friday. You can check out the top 10 here. I love the Beatles and I love the Stones but egads what is the big deal with Sergeant Peppers besides the fact that it reminds a whole bunch of people of how they wish they were back at the Haight during the “summer of love” man (if they were in fact ever there. Me suspects that a lot of the people pining for the “golden days” only read about it in their daily newspaper before heading out to Little League practice or their High School Glee Club). I am not trouncing Sergeant Peppers, far from it but aside from select songs like “A Day in the Life” has it really aged all that well? Certainly not as well as Revolver in my book. Now I haven’t seen the complete list and I might actually fork out the cash to pick up this “collectors edition” on Friday but I’m not looking forward to any massive revelations. Anybody who thinks they can put a definitive “best of” list together is sadly deluded, but it is fun to argue about and I suppose that is the whole purpose of the exercise (well that and advertising). About the only thing that I can be sure about is that rock and roll keeps evolving with great tunes coming out daily only to fade away while hidden classics are everywhere to be found but are unfortunately locked away on the tiny little independent record labels that they were recorded on. This is the kind of rock and roll I want to find but I doubt it will be anywhere on this list. Thanks Jann and Rolling Stone. Thanks for nothing.