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The balance and power of Akarusa Yami

What would you get if you were to put a combination of industrial prog, brutal beats, 280 BPM drums, slaying guitars, polyrhythms, hardcore vocals into a mixing pot with a touch of  sci fi plus and melodies? Akarusa Yami is what you would get. Akarusa Yami are a Metal/Industrial Noise band who have been blasting out of Nottingham in the UK after being formed in September 2010 by Guitarist Tom Clarke (Insidious) and Vocalist Tom Brumpton. Between them they have formed a bombshell of a musical marriage. Nowadays Akarusa Yami consist of…

Tom Brumpton – Vocals
Tom Clarke – Guitars
Damian Lee – Guitars
Jake Bennett – Bass
Adam Jones – Drums
Les Dowling – Keyboards

 I must confess to the fact that I am not a true full blown metal head but a band called Akarusa Yami have managed to capture my attention for many reasons. Akarusa Yami have got a top quality sound which is performed impeccably and produced to a very high standard. Akarusa Yami are non compliant with any generic typecasting as not only do they reshape the limits but they also exploit them.

Akarusa Yami have a brutally unique sound and style which breaks into new ground as the band progresses. In September 2011 Akarusa Yami released an outstanding blast of an EP called Ouroboros. You do not need to trust my words and taste about the quality which Akarusa Yami have on offer. The band has already gained much acclaim across the globe.  Here are some quotes to give you some idea of this –

‘Brutal sci-fi metal with brains to burn… Love it!’Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer/The Guardian

‘One of the most promising bands I’ve ever played on The Temple Of Doom! ‘– Johnny Doom, Kerrang! Radio

‘Like nothing else out there’Maz Maz, Total Rock/Bloodstock Radio

‘Face ripping’Terrorizer Magazine

 Akarusa Yami have made a great entrance as they have been making waves in the Metal scene ever since their first two singles ‘Third Eye, Wide Open’ and ‘Millennium Is My Salvation’ were released. Both of these singles are available as free downloads from the band on their Reverbnation Page, HERE is the link to it.

Following the success of this 2011 debut Ouroboros, Nottingham industrial outfit Akarusa Yami are set to return with a new EP Trace Element Rebirth, due for release on the first day of April 2013.

 Lee Dowling debuts for Akarusa Yami on this new EP and certainly helps the band reach a new level as they create a sonic showdown which they control masterfully. Six tracks in length, Trace Element Rebirth sees somewhat of a departure for the band as they push the boundaries and delve into a much richer, unique sound. Tracks like first single Life, The Venomous Way’ and the textured splendour of “Incognito Unaware” show a musical maturity while still leaving them firmly rooted in the genre they came from.

While elsewhere the progressive allure of “Heritage/Legacy” and the melodious, yet voracious “The Sound Of A Dying Star” further highlight AY as a band keen to expand their sonic boundaries as far as possible. The EP, once again recorded and mixed by guitarist Damian Lee and mastered by Tim Turan (Plan B/Emperor) is the sound of a band taking that all important leap into new territories, and doing so with gusto. Trace Element Rebirth will appeal to anyone with a taste loud and very industrial alternative metal and is  warrants a 9/10 rating with ease.

Track Listing

  1. Life, The Venomous Way
  2. Gottfried Raised My Hand
  3. Heritage/Legacy
  4. The Sound Of A Dying Star
  5. Incognito Unaware
  6. A Simple Decision

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