Rock Radio 2.0

The Battle for Radio Diversity: What are the alternatives?

When it comes to radio, I really think that despite the continuing “Clear Channelization” of radio, there are still a lot of stations that put out weird and wonderful stuff that, with the magic of the Internet, more and more people can listen to. There are Internet only stations, non-commercial listener supported terrestrial broadcasters (some of which also stream their programming on the ‘Net), Public Radio (CBC, NPR, BBC, etc.), shortwave stations and even commercial radio (not all of it is necessarily crap). Already, The Rock and Roll Report has highlighted a good cross-selection of some of these types of stations featuring not only great rock and roll but other programming that is worthy of your time and support. If you have a favourite station that you would like to recommend, let me know! I will continue to highlight what I consider to be some of the best radio out there and I could use all the help I can get. Thanks in advance.