Wanna Be a Rock Star?

The Battle of the Battle of the Bands

There are tons of “Battle of the Bands” competitions out there and I often wonder if they might not be better for the fans of live rock and roll than for the bands themselves but be that as it may, I have two to talk about today.

The first one is called Never Hide the Music: The Contest put on by Ray-Ban and Rolling Stone magazine. Enter your band, upload your song and you could be playing at the Rolling Stone magazine 40th Anniversery Birthday Bash in Las Vegas. Thejudges are Tyson Ritter of All-American Rejects,Ben Berkmen of Octone Records and Jonathan Ringen of Rolling Stone.

The second one is Canadian Contra Band where 12 bands are vying for the chance to play at Toronto’s Virgin Festival in September. Head over to Heavy.Com and check out who is playing and show your love.