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The Best Rock Song of All Time

Allways wanted to know what the best rock song of all time was? Well here ya go (courtesy of the CBC):

  1. Stairway to Heaven: Led Zeppelin
  2. Free Bird: Lynyrd Skynyrd
  3. Bohemian Rhapsody: Queen
  4. Smoke on the Water: Deep Purple
  5. Paranoid: Black Sabbath
  6. Whole Lotta Love: Led Zeppelin
  7. Hotel California: The Eagles
  8. Rock and Roll: Led Zeppelin
  9. Highway to Hell: AC/DC
  10. All Along the Watchtower: Jimi Hendrix

There you have it. No need to all argue at once.

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whats going on here…. ???

i think u all should be saying these songs and a lot more…. there are billions of songs that are well too good….

and why is still everyone on the oldies???

yeap i do thing they are great, u did mention them…

Summer of 69 by the way…

well anyway my point is dont just stick… say many more…

Marylin Manson?????

whats wrong with these people???
they do sound f—- great to me!!!

No Guns N’ Roses? What is a list with no Guns N’ Roses? Welcome To The Jungle, at least!, should be # 10. But, it is a good list anyways. But putting GNR would make it a lot better!

here are the top 15 best rock songs of all no order..

Guns and Roses – November Rain
Derek & The Dominoes _ Layla
Cream – Crossroads
Beatles – Saw her Standing There
Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil
Steely Dan- Reelin in the Years
Rod Stewart – Maggie May
Eagles – Take it to the Limit
Van Morrison – Caravan
The Band – The Weight
Grateful Dead – Sugar Magnolia
Phil Collins – Both Sides of the Story
Pete Gabriel – Salisbury Hill
Bruce Springsteen – Blinded by the Light
Wilco – Outta Sight Outta Mind

Several of the best rock songs of all time no one has mentioned: Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull; Refugee by Tom Petty; Shock the Monkey by Peter Gabriel; Gimmee Shelter by The Stones. A rock band that deserves mention for the continuing the spirit of the 60’s-70’s is Concrete Blonde. I think the test is: If you can’t dance to it, it ain’t rock. Stairway to Heaven–give me a break! Over 60 Rocker

In no particlular order my faves or top ten I guess …

Simple Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd … This song is so powerful I can never get sick of it!!

Heart of Gold – Neil young …

Ramblin Man – The Allman Brothers …

Enter Sandman – Metalica …

Can’t You Hear Me Knocking – Rolling Stones …

Man in the Box – Alice in Chains …

Run – Snow Patrol …

Wooden Ships – Croby Stills Nash and Young…

Galvenize – The Chemical Brothers …

Come as you are – Nirvana…

Top ten is to limited any way

Zeppelin defenitily deserves to be up there, well all can agree on that.

and for anybody who doesn’t think Queen should,well all i can say is im terribly sorry for you.cause i consider them to be one of the best rock bands ever created.

and although people consider the clash “not real rock” i still believe London Calling is an amazing song,and just because you don’t like who sings it doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the song.

and question,where in god’s name are THE DOORS? The End, L.A. Woman, Light My Fire-all perfect.

Here are my Faorites in no order

Nirvana- Smells Like Teen Spirit
Nirvana- Man Who Sold The World
Black Sabbath – Iron Man
Black Sabbath – Paranoid
Lynyrd skynyrd – Free Bird
Rage Against The Machine- Guerilla Radio
GNR- Sweet Child Of Mine
Jimmy Hendrix – Along The Watchtower
Grinspoon – Chemical Heart
Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall
Chilli’s – Scar Tissue

Why isn’t Voodoo Child on that list? that song completely owns compared to free bird. and who ever said ac\dc sucks… go kill yourself! here is my list.
1.Jimi Hendrix- Voodoo child
2. GNR- Sweet child of mine
3. Nirvana- lounge act
4.Black sabbath- sweet leaf
5.Black sabbath- war pigs
6.GNR- paradise city
7. Led zeppelin- whole lotta love
8. Iron maiden- Aces high\dc- back in black\dc- TNT

Now that’s a list!

Alrighty everyone who says what the best rock song is-YOU ARE WRONG! never at anytime will everyone agree with you. its all your own opinion here are some of my favorites-

Baba O’Riley-The Who
Back In Black-AC/DC
Beautiful Day-U2
Carry On Wayward Son-Kansas
Cherry Pie-Warrant
Crazy Train-Ozzie Osbourne
Dani California-Red Hot Chili Peppers (new stuff is good)
Don’t Fear The Reaper-Blue Oyster Cult
Dream On-Aerosmith
Eye Of The Tiger-Survivor
Free Bird-Lynyrd Skynyrd
Hotel California-The Eagles
I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing-Aerosmith
Iron Man-Black Sabbath
Immigrant Song-Led Zeppelin
Juke Box Hero-Foreigner
Kickstart My Heart-Motley Crue
Life In The Fast Lane-The Eagles
Message In a Bottle-The Police
Stairway To Heaven-Led Zeppelin
Sweet Child O’Mine-Guns N’ Roses
Sweet Emotion-Aerosmith
Voodoo Child-Jimi Hendrix
Walk This Way-Aerosmith
Welcome To The Jungle-Guns N’ Roses

Oh and I’m 14

you guys make me want to throw up. people always seem to think that just because a song or band is old, and the new bands and songs have fed off of them, that that makes the old better. it doesnt. music grows and grows and takes whats good from the past and makes it better, and drops the shit. the lyrics grow infinitely more complex and just plain better. rock isnt rock anymore, now its been unmade into enough sub genres that you can actually listen to a good hard rock song and not some pansy ass crap with stupid ass lyrics. its sickening how underrated new songs and bands are.who cares if bands copied parts of their style from other bands. OBVIOUSLY, not everyone can be 100 percent original. that doesnt demean them at all. nor does it make older better in a way at all. we have better technology, better perspective, and frankly better tastes nowadays. the problem is that when you hear screaming, you dont hear anything else. when you hear the damn music, you arent even listening, because its just is not as good as in the old days. bull pucky. my top ten-
1-sad but true-metallica
3-hello lonely-theory of a deadman
5-lying eyes-the eagles
6-body crumbles-dry cell (soundtrack version)
7-dark days-coal chamber
8-fall into sleep-mudvayne
9-where do i hide-nickelback
10-wherever you will go-the calling

if those were the best 10 rock songs of all time then i think i would start listening to classical piano. i do agree that there are some good new bands out there but not that shit. and um define pansy ass crap you fag. is stairway to heaven a pansy ass song because it doesnt have guys yelling and you cant understand what they’re saying every second? what about free bird? dream on? no those aren’t pansy ass songs. and yea it is gay if bands copy others.they should go find somehting that makes them unique. go listen to some real music fag

1. stairway to heaven – led zeppelin
2. long way to the top – ac/dc
3. satisfaction – rolling stones
4. day in the life- beatles
5. jailhouse rock- elvis
6. light my fire- doors
7. imagine- john lennon
8. time- pink floyd
9. sweet child o mine- g n r
10. layla- derek & the dominos

Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin
Satisfaction- The Rolling Stones
Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen
Carry on my Wayward Son- Kansas
Show me the way- Peter Frampton
Every breath you take- The Police
Like a rolling stone- Bob Dylan
Another Brick in the wall- Pink Floyd
Highway to Hell- AC/DC
Purple Haze- Jimi Hendrix

lololololol i am sorry but erm i have just been reading over this whole discussion and realised something none of you seem to have realised nearly all of your lists are the-GODDAMN-same lmfao honestly and dont you all ralise theres no point in a post like this: “I am disgusted with some of these posts” cos godamn i am disgusted with a post like that^^^^^ lol dont you all ralise you will NEVER, NEVER come to an exact agreement, and whats the point in trying to force your views on others, its like (SOME) vegetarians fair ebough i aint stopping them from just eating veg “n” fruit and stuff but i really hate it when a vegetarian tries to force vegetarianism on others, its a damn disgrace, and as for “THE LYNARD SKYNARD DEBATE” i honestly fell tat Sweet Home Alabama is much……much better than Free Bird, and i dont think Free Bird is crap though, and just to clear this up i am not american i am Brittish (SCOTTISH) and my favourite rock song is Stereophonics-Dakota, but whoa i aint saying its the best, i personally think, taking into consideration, the universal appeal of the song: Smoke On Water by Deep Purple, as it does have the most famous and well known and most individual riffs EVER…EVER…EVER…EVER but some of you may shame me and tell me i am stupid but remember what i said in the top of my post………………..Oh and Blue Orchid by The White Stripes…….and Sunshine Of Youe Eternal Love by Eric Clapton hehehehehehe it always reminds me of that bit in Goodfellas where Jimmy (Robert De Niro) is staring at Mory (The Wig Guy lol) and he has that look of hate in his eyes, ahhhhh the good ol’ days

thank you for agreeing with me rory. and yea blue orchid is a good song. another good one by the white stripes is seven nation army

Do any of you retarts relize that there is nop GREATEST song of all time. Its all based on your opinions. You can argue as much as you want but no1 can win

come on guys no WHO no Beatles or pink floyed and what no stones, wow here you go:

1- Stariway to heaven Led Zepplin
2- Across the universe The beatles
3- The rolling stones Satisfaction
4- Aerosmith Draem on
5- The eagles Hotel california
6- Metallica Blackened
7- Pink floyed The wall
8- AC/DC High way to hell
9- The who You better you bet
10- Bob seger against the wind

honorable mention;
Billy joel still rock and roll to me
Dire straits money is for nothing
Jhone lennon imagine
The Police roxanne

ur all whacked iron man is the greatest rock song ever black sabbath started it all so heres my list
1. Iron Man
2. Back in Black
3. Welcome to the Jungle
4. Smoke on the Water
5. The Immagrant Song
6. Parnoid
7. Free Bird
8. Dream On
9. Crazy Train
10. Voodoo Child
11. Run to the Hills
12. Master of Puppets
13. Thunder Kiss ’65
14. Cowboys from Hell
15. Highway to Hell
16. You got another thing comin
17. Sweet Child o Mine
18. Paradise City
19. duncan hills coffee
20. Number of The Beast

There is only one best rock and roll song of all time. Strawberry Fields. Nothing has or ever will touch it

Sweet everybody likes classic rock. Here’s my top ten

1.Stairway to heaven
2.Comfortably numb
4.Bohemian Rhapsody
5.My Generation
6.Voodoo Child
8.More than a feeling
9.The song remains the same
10.Dream on

the list of groups and songs are ok but you must include the list of people who really lived in the time of true rock and roll like myself who was there when it happend. most important groups of the day were the beatles, the beach boys,the platters, the drifters,the temtations,the four seasons, the dave clark five,the rolling stones,bill haley and his comets,dick dale and the daletones,creedence clearwater rev,the doors,the carpenders,the mamas and papas,the 5th demention,jan and dean, the everly brothers,three dog night,and many many more.

wow,I tried to read all the comments and found a lot of emotion in many of them, when there was any disagreements,which were universal. without a doubt,
the only kind of list for the ten best rock songs has to be one’s personal favorite songs…here’s mine:
cream : white room
firefall: so long
van morrison; moondance
the doors: riders on the storm
the stones: satisfaction
buffalo springfield: mr. soul
neil young: ohio
crosby, stills and nash: suite judy blue eyes
yes: roundabout
allman brothers: ramblin’ man
ask me tomorrow and two or three will be different; but I grew up in the sixties/seventies in southern california and these were very powerful songs to me and remain so – someone from another time and place more than likely would not feel the same. For me, great rock songs had to have three primary features: great vocals that usually included masterful harmonies; excellent guitar work (lead and rhythm) that wrapped itself around the entire song and finally, powerful lyrics that dealt with a strong story or situation – anything less was, well..less. and I’m sorry, but stuff I hear today, rarely has all those necessary elements.
it’s the exact same with good films today: when was the last time you saw a film that stayed with you a long time and you’ll want to see again and again over the years? sadly too, the greatest books have probably already been written. why is this so? because we’ve lost our imaginations, we’ve lost the dream of working hard for something and seeing it develop – it’s fast-food, instant gratification, on-the-surface, shock-value, video-game, car-chase scenes, one after another and the next chew is as tasteless as the last one and brings no satisfaction or nourishment. you get what you give and if little is put out, little is returned.

And now, The Twenty Five: A Quintessential List for the Well Rounded Rock and Roller…

Tell me these don’t take you back…

1. Imagine (Lennon)
2. Rock and Roll (Zepplin)
3. Tuesday Afternoon (Moody Blues)
4. Back in the USSR (Beatles)
5. Jessica (Allman Brothers)
6. White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane)
7. Paradise by the Dashboard Lights (Meatloaf)
8. Spirit in the Sky (Norman Greenbaum)
9. Subterranian Homesick Blues (Dylan)
10. Light My Fire (Doors)
11. Ohio (CSN&Y)
12. America Pie (Don McClean)
13. I Love Rock and Roll (Joan Jett)
14. Me and Bobby McGee (Janis)
15. Satisfaction (Stones)
16. I Saw Her Standing There (Beatles)
17. Strawberry Fields (Beatles)
18. Dream On (Aerosmith)
19. Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)
20. Walk Away (James Gang)
21. Landslide (Stevie Nicks, er I mean Fleetwood Mac)
22. Sky Pilot (Eric Burdon and the Animals)
23. Rocky Raccoon (Beatles)
24. Gimme Three Steps (Skynard)
25. Hard Day’s Night (Beatles)

And I gotta give an Honorable Mention to “In a Gadda Da Vida” (The Long Version) by Iron Butterfly, just because it made rock and roll history. No R&R list should be without it.

Alot of these list were good. heres mine

1.Stairway to heavon-Led zepplin
2.Freebird-Lynard skynard
3.lifes been good-Joe walsh
4.Knockin on heavens doors-Guns n roses
5.Simple man-Lynard skynard
6.That smell-lynard skynard
7.over the hills and far away-Led zepplin
8.Running with the devil-Van halen
9.layla-Eric clapton

Pretty good? i thought so

hey rammstein is good…but i think these folks are looking at all time best rock…like the makers of rock …the stepping stone for your rammstein folks…ask them who inspired them….celine dion …i think not…rammstein doens’t fit into all time best rock cuz they barely have any roots…now do this list 20 years from now and ac/dc will be like beach boys and rammstein will be the “&*it”. notice a trend with all this music its old ‘er’. lynard skynard is not rock…its a genre of rock like rockabilly…does’nt belong in this list put it in country blues or somethin. and cocaine was done by eric clapton your silly nilly. and somehow i don’t feel ‘rocked’ listening to mr. lennon asking me to imagine death and peace. beatles i would classify as soft rock or in todays standards ‘pop’ strawberry fields …ya i destroy governments and hotels listening to that song…do you feel the hate and destruction when listening to that song. rock was defying a generation that did not want to grow or change. it was defying control with its subliminal messages when played backwards ..long rebel hair and drugs alcohal and raunchy sex. so maybe you should build your list on those values and see what you come up with….brick in the wall, back in black,whole lotta lovin,crazy train,paranoid crazy from nazarath,stones jefferson airplane. not some mamsy pamsy rock ballad ….take all your music that has a acoustic sound and trash it….put in a rock ballad list or blues or rock pop but not real rock nobody got hurt in a bar fight listening to landslide with fleetwood blachh,

Well my favourite songs r:
1) Metallica-Master of puppets
2) Guns N’ Roses-Welcome to the Jungle
3) Skid Row-Youth Gone Wild
4) Nirvana-Smells like teen spirit
5) Twisted Sister-The Price
6) Aerosmith-Dude looks like a lady
7) Bon Jovi-livin’ on a prayer
8) Led Zepplin-Stairway to heaven
9) AC/DC-You shook me all night long
10)Megadeath-Holy wars

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