Rock Radio 2.0

The Drastic Plastic Program begins its inevitable conquest of Montreal rock and roll radio!

As seen on the Rant Line from the Montreal Mirror:

M I’m wondering if someone knows of any bars or clubs that play UK indie music in Montreal. The only British music I’ve heard here in months was this BLOKE, DJ Armitage Shanks, who played some brilliant shite on CKUT’s Drastic Plastic last Monday night. If you know anywhere else spinning mad UK tunes, please give the Rant Line™ a call. Cheers. [BLEEP!]

Remember to tune in to the Drastic Plastic Program every Monday night between 10:00-11:00 PM EST on CKUT FM either live over the airwaves and Net or downloaded from the CKUT archives. Either way we will rebuild rock and roll radio in Montreal one song at a time.