The Dreadful Yawns (Bomp Records)

As I dust off the crap covering my desk here at Rock and Roll Report HQ and try to put some semblance of order to all the CDs, press kits and emails that have accumulated in my absence I knew that I had to kick things off writing-wise with a review but of what? One CD that caught my eye is one that I have been listening to only recently after an initial blast of play when I first got it and that is the debut album from Bomp by the wonderful Dreadful Yawns. Now you will be hearing a lot of comparisons to the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, the Burritos, etc. and to a certain extent that is true but really what the Yawns are all about is craftsmanship. This is finely crafted laid back rock and roll that is a refreshing change from my usual diet of loud precisely because it is more subtle, more fine-grained but every inch rock and roll. It is nice to see that all of rock and roll’s nuances, from thrashing punk to wild psychedelia to the more mellow (but not boring) side of rock and roll are all represented on Bomp! Records roster of indie artists. A great listen that still demands to be played loud. Have a listen to Get Yourself Back Home and enjoy. You can order it straight from Bomp! so get a move on. Smoke ’em if you got ’em!