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The Electronic Entertainment Policy Initiative

With the increasingly bitter battles being fought behind the “content” companies and electronics company over the future of entertainment in the digital world, the Electronic Entertainment Policy Initiative has been formed to foster cooperation in the areas of electronic entertainment and its many related issues, problems and impacts. From their website:

EEPI — Electronic Entertainment Policy Initiative — is a project launched in March 2005 to encourage, foster, and facilitate cooperation between the various interest groups concerned about “electronic entertainment technologies” and their impacts, including current and future technical, legal, policy, and other issues. These groups include a vast range of entertainment industry content providers; electronic equipment manufacturers; consumers and consumer interest groups; entertainment industry artists and their representatives; and a range of other interested parties.

Sounds like it has potential to bring sanity to the current debate, although all eyes are currently fixed on the MGM vs. Grokster court case currently before the United States Supreme Court. With musicians increasingly open to other forms of digital distribution, the landscape is changing faster than even the law can comprehend. We live in interesting times.