I just posted about "This is Rock and Roll Radio" this week and mentioned what a great show that it is and maybe unfortunately was. Dana and Carl and going through a cash crunch and this could spell the end of the show. I’ll let them explain:

Is this the end of THIS IS ROCK ‘N’ ROLL RADIO?  We hope not, but things could look a lot better than they do right now.

On January 7th, Syracuse Community Radio will hold an emergency meeting to discuss whether or not to pull the plug on SCR’s webcast, a project which has proven to be an enormous drain on the station’s worse-than-limited resources.  Currently, we have about $3600 in immediate debt, with an additional $1800 in licensing fees to kick in on January 1st.   On top of what we already owe, the webcast costs $407 a month, yet brings in only about $150 a month in contributions.  This situation can not continue, and our system needs to be revamped, but right now we’re asking for your help.

First, we need a lot of money, FAST.  Our timing stinks–the week before Christmas may not be the best time to hit people up for donations to keep The Bay City Rollers on their media player, but we can’t control that.  We don’t expect anyone to go into hock on our behalf, nor do we wish you to bypass donations to any of your other favorite causes.  That said, we know that if someone doesn’t step up, THIS IS ROCK ‘N’ ROLL RADIO is history.

If 36 TIRnRR fans each send a donation of $100, our old debt is erased.

If an additional 100 TIRnRR fans each send a donation of $20, the new licensing fee is met.

If a high-roller or two sends in even more, and the rest of us working-class schlubs send whatever we can, SCR can position itself to survive, if not thrive.

As always, all donations to Syracuse Community Radio are a hunnert-percent TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.  As a thank-you gift, we will also send a homemade CD-R (of pop obscurities from my own collection) to anyone who donates $20 or more.

Now, one listener has already asked if a donation at this time might just be throwing away good money after bad, that the station could collect her donation and then still decide to kill the webcast.  That’s a valid question, so this is the safeguard I propose:

1.  Make your check out to "Syracuse Community Radio," and write in the notes section of your check, "Targeted donation:  webcast."

2.  Do not send the check to the station.  Send it to my home address:  Carl Cafarelli, 5540 Taormina Drive, Clay, NY 13041.  I will collect all the checks, and present a total at the January 7th meeting.

3.  If the January 7th meeting results in a continuation of the webcast, your checks will then be cashed.  If the webcast goes the way of leisure suits and ELP eight-tracks, your uncashed check will be returned to you.  (And you’ll still get the CD-R; you held up your end of the bargain.)

4.  If you wish to pay with PayPal, contact me.  I’m uncomfortable with the idea of anyone paying a donation into my account, so that will probably have to go the station’s account, still targeted for the webcast.  We’ll figure that one out.


I apologize for hitting you all up like this, tin cup in hand and not even able to carry a proper tune.  But I think enough of you dig whatever it is Dana and I do on this little mutant radio show, and that you’ll wanna preserve it.  We come to you like Blanche DuBois playing a vintage Hofner bass:  we have always depended on the kindness of strangers, yeah yeah yeah.

The playlist for the eighth annual TIRnRR Christmas show will go out separately.  We are on a year-end hiatus for two weeks, but we will return on (oddly enough) January 7th, with a countdown of our most-played tracks from throughout 2006.  If the meeting goes well, this will begin our ninth year on the air; if things don’t go as planned, I guess it’ll be our last show, but we’ll go out with biff-bang-pow. 

Happy Christmas to you all, and all the best from Dana & Carl.

Since they sent out this e-mail a number of listeners have doanted various CDs as incentives to make a donation.

Dana and Carl are the real deal people. Try to be as generous as you can.