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The First Band Week Is a Wrap!

Well that’s it for the first ever Band Week here at The Rock and Roll Report. I hope you had as much fun reading and listening to the bands featured this week as I had listening to their CDs and writing about them. I will be scheduling another Band Week sometime in April but will still continue to feature bands weekly under my “Now This Is Rock and Roll!” category as I still have a ton of CDs and MP3s to listen to. If you are a band or label and want to send me some CDs or MP3s just contact me at and I will do my best to check them out.

I also just want to restate the purpose of The Rock and Roll Report for those of you who are new to the site. I use the term “rock and roll” instead of just “rock” in my little attempt at trying to reclaim rock and roll from all the different genres that are multiplying like weeds these days (nu metal, garage, power pop, psychedelic, etc.) and to just point out stuff that rocks regardless of sub-genre. I call it “niche-free” rock and roll and there are plenty examples out there to hopefully rekindle your faith in rock ‘n’ roll (if you ever lost it that is). I like to feature not only great bands, labels and radio shows that pump out niche-free rock and roll but also encourage fans of this music to start a band, radio show or blog and make their own noise by featuring resources and links that will help them do just that. There is an amazing world out there full of quality rock and roll put out by people that care and I hope that this week I have demonstrated that fact by featuring a small sample of it. There is plenty more where that came from! Until next week have a great weekend and turn it up!