Odds & Sods

The first week of March is the first ever “Band Week!”

Since The Rock and Roll Report is not my full-time job (although sometimes it feels like I spend enough time on it!) things tend to accumulate in my e-mail inbox, things that I plan to write about, sites to check out and most of all bands to listen to. I currently have a ton of bands in my “Bands to check out” folder of my inbox that is just getting ridiculously full so in order for me to thin out the pile and get some rock and roll kicks I am inaugurating the first ever “Band Week” which will be a feature from time to time where I will take one week to concentrate on nothing but bands and solo musicians. This doesn’t mean that I won’t write about bands during my “regular” weeks, far from it. All it means is that during these weeks the music news, features, ruminations and resources that I write about will be set aside so I can feature nothing but music that I haven’t had a chance to listen to. Hopefully we will all get a nice rock and roll rush that will stick with us for awhile. So get ready! The first Band Week will debut February 28th, 2005.