The Forgotten One: Brian Epstein

There is a debate that Beatles’ fans often engage in as to who they think should be considered “the fifth Beatle.” Some say Neal Aspinall, the former Beatles road manager, band confidante and current director of Apple Corps. Some say it’s George Martin, the suave producer of the majority of The Beatles’ recorded output who put the finishing touches on their musical genius in the studio. Murray the “K” just got to the point and called himself “the fifth Beatle” without anybody asking! But one man had the clarity of vision to guide the band through the sea of contracts and concert promoters while professing a genuine love for The Beatles’ as both individuals and musicians and that man was Brian Epstein. Too often “Eppy” has been an afterthought to discussions of the band, and when he is brought up the focus seems to be on either his lifestyle or his death. Brian Epstein was a complex man who was sometimes simply working outside of his element but his dedication to John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr was unwavering. Quite simply, The Beatles brought us their music but Brian Epstein brought us The Beatles and for this reason I urge you to sign this petition to have Brian Epstein inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Sure the Hall of Fame is a load of crap but if they want to “celebrate” rock and roll they should get their collective asses in gear and induct somebody who has done more for the growth of rock and roll in a non-musical roll than just about anybody else out there. That he is still not a member is a sad but predictable shame. Brian Epstein was a rock and roll pioneer. He should never be forgotten.