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The Garage Album

As I have always said, love ’em or loath Apple Computer certainly has style. Yesterday at Macworld they released a bunch of cool hardware and software including the very cool (and very small) Mac mini and a new iLife suite with the new version of Garageband that will be of particular interest to all you musicians out there. The cool thing about this is that the $499.99 Mac mini comes with the iLife suite so you already have a pretty powerful home recording set-up from the get go. How powerful you ask? Just ask Roger Adler who recorded and released his “the Garage Album” solely using the Garageband software. This to me is really indicative of what can be done with a relatively small amount of money and a lot of inspiration with sonic quality unheard of in the days of portastudios and casettes. Just remember that it’s not the software that makes good music, it’s you. Go out and give it a shot!

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What’s this “love ’em or loath” crap? Is this a *music* site, or what? Please, we don’t *even* need the arse end of that discussion here, especially considering that if you were to go into your average music studio, you’re probably going to see Apple computers. While the Big Five (currently Big Four, tomorrow the Big Three, etc.) labels were (and continue) suing Mary Anne and her grandmother next-store, Apple was presenting fun, easy and stylishly gorgeous methods of getting music off the internet, and mobile — what’d Microsoft do? What they always have done, they waited until Apple paved the way, so they can try and steal every last idea they can from them. Unfortunately, this time MS can only advertise nonexistent software and technologies promising they’ll help your piano-less Mozart (y’know, the one who plays at the dinner table?) become an artist… some day. Because as of right now, there’s nothing as hands-on, simple and effective as GarageBand for the little PC user out there. Please, if you’re going to write a music article, mentioning Apple, you’ve got to grasp the simple concept that *that* particular argument does not exist amongest us musicians.

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