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The Glorious Noise of Riviera

Riviera I am a big fan of the Glorious Noise e-zine so when I heard about their new label Glorious Noise Records I knew they would be putting out some interesting stuff. Jake at the label sent me their upcoming release “At The End of the American Century…” by Chicago-based Riviera and it is great. You will probably hear Riviera compared a lot to Wilco and other proponents of so-called “Americana” but really, what “At The End of the American Century…” is all about is richly textured melodies, creative uses of feedback and electronic washes and the exploitation of all the colors in their sonic palete to create some memorable and moody rock and roll. You can download some MP3s for your MP3 player to get a feel for their particular brand of rock and roll or you can preview the album in its entirety in streaming Real Audio in anticipation of its official release on April 5th, 2005. Glorious noise indeed.