The Highway Hi Fi

Since The Rock and Roll Report won’t be published March 25th, 2005 I have posted this week’s “Friday Fun” a day early.

1956_plymouth From the mid-fifties to the early sixties, Chrysler offered the ultimate “Hi Fi” component for your car, the RCA Highway Hi-FI– “Where the vinyl meets the road.” Car_turntable_1 Yes, you too could cruise around in your Chrysler boat on wheels listening to an amazing variety of records on custom 16 2/3 rpm vinyl records. I know that they had something similar in England because I can recall stories of John Lennon screeching around in his psychedelic Rolls Royce blaring “Knights in White Satin” on his custom turntable that was installed in the back seat. Obviously, the invention of the cassette and 8 track tape ended this little slice of hi fi history but still, wouldn’t it be cool to install one of these in your “new beatle” or mini-cooper and astound and amaze your friends as they listen in awe to your car record player playing “Come Along for the Ride” by Steve Allen? Ah, just a thought. Have a great weekend everybody!