The Indie News Beat for March 1st, 2005


March 1, 2005 Edition

* Independent Promoter Passes Away

* Sonic Announces Comprehensive Support for LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling Technology

* Talent Clearing House Relieves Administrative Burden For Ringtone Providers

* SESAC In The 21st Century

* 300 Members Sign Up For Instatone Do-It-Yourself Radio In One Month

* Promo Only And Destiny Media Launches New Version Of Acclaimed Media Delivery System

* Launches To Provide Fan-based Music Discovery

* Dfest 2005 Is Accepting Submissions For Showcasing Artists March 1, 2005

* Last Call For Auditions In 17th Annual Yamaha Young Performing Artist Competition

* Domain And Content For Auction On EBay

Independent Promoter Passes Away

Mary E. Rudy, one of the hardest workers for independent music, who worked for various online magazines and in print magazines passed away feb. 15, 2005 after being on life support for 4 or 5 days. She complained of a terrible headache and was taken to the hospital in Las Vegas, NV where she had been residing for the last 2 years. A very large tumor was found. Mary was 59 on Feb. 11th.

She and her husband Tim Rudy had no medical insurance. So now we have started the Mary Rudy Fund to help with these expenses. If anyone would like to help off set the bill, even if it is small you can send a check to:

Tim Rudy

C/O Mary Rudy Fund

2500 Karen Ave. #290

Las Vegas, NV. 89121

(make checks payable to Tim Rudy)

If you want to send some funds thru Paypal you can send it thru make sure you say the money is for Mary Rudy Fund and it will be forwarded to Tim Rudy her husband.

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Sonic Announces Comprehensive Support for LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling Technology

Sonic Solutions, the leader in digital media software, announced today that it has received official certification as a provider of LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling technology, which will feature in its complete line of consumer digital media software including Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 and Sonic RecordNow. The LightScribe-supported software, which Sonic developed in conjunction with LightScribe, allows consumers to create personalized, professional-quality CD and DVD labels that are laser-etched directly on discs in a few clicks.  The capabilities are available today in RecordNow shipping worldwide on HP consumer PCs, including systems featuring the first LightScribe-enabled optical disc drives.

"Sonic’s products are directly responsible for the creation of millions of discs each year, and so we are delighted that Sonic has integrated LightScribe technology into its award-winning software line," said Kent Henscheid, marketing manager for LightScribe. "LightScribe is an ideal complement to the innovation and ease-of-use that has become synonymous with Sonic’s consumer software line."

LightScribe makes it easy for users to create affordable, silkscreen-quality disc labels without a printer.  The Disc Labeling technology burns labels directly onto CDs and DVDs with laser-etched precision, using the same disc drive that burns the data.  Users record their data, then simply flip the disc over and reinsert it into the drive to burn an iridescent label that includes personalized text and high-resolution artwork or photos.

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Talent Clearing House Relieves Administrative Burden For Ringtone Providers

Talent Clearing House announced today that it has customized its royalty administration services for companies distributing, or directly selling ringtones to the mobile phone market. Ringtone sales generate mechanical royalties that must be paid to the entity or person owning the rights to songs, and in some cases to the performers of the song from which the ringtone has been taken. These royalties, combined with the administration of tracking, reporting and initiating payments can limit the profit margin on ringtones, which are gaining increasing popularity in the wireless consumer market.

By creating a service specifically for this market, Talent Clearing House enables companies to strike quickly at this opportunity by handling all of the required back-office calculation, reporting and payment initiation. "We have the automation, infrastructure and experience to provide an end-to-end solution to meet the obligations of companies providing ringtones. This means such companies can concentrate on the technology and marketing of their ringtones, which is where their strengths are, and their efforts and resources should remain focused," said Paul Barretta, Founder and President of Talent Clearing House.

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SESAC In The 21st Century

As SESAC celebrates its 75th anniversary, join top executives from Nashville and Los Angeles for a discussion of its past but, more importantly, the future, and learn how SESAC is unique among performing rights organizations.


* Patrick "Pat" Collins – President & Chief Operating Officer

* James Leach – Director, Writer/Publisher Relations

* Dennis Lord – Senior Vice President, Business Affairs

* Pat Rogers – Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations/Artist Development


* Steven Winogradsky, Esq. – The Winogradsky Company and past President of the CCC

SPORTSMEN’S LODGE ­ Near Coldwater Canyon & Ventura Blvd. in Studio City Parking Entrance on Coldwater Canyon

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

6:15 check-in 6:30 Cocktails 7:00 Dinner

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300 Members Sign Up For Instatone Do-It-Yourself Radio In One Month

Today was a good day for radio around the world, despite the ever-homogeneous amount of ‘the same old thing’ on your typical Top 40 station. Instatone, the first DIYer community radio, today announced a surprising popularity to its underground internet radio station that went live 30 days ago. It recruited nearly 300 contributors without even trying.

"It must have filled a void on the already-crowded social networking scene by providing a cozy stage for those that are new to songwriting but want to try their luck on the radio anyway, in front of hundreds of other complete strangers," said Aaron Cohen, founder, Instatone. "I won’t be surprised if the next Beck gets found not on MySpace or but on Instatone. That’s just how these things happen."

Instatone Radio caters to those who have recently started working with Apple Computer’s Garageband Software and other easy-to-use music recording computer programs and inexpensive gear.

But unlike most underground or student radios, Instatone’s format adheres to a Top 40 format, where the most popular songs get played more often. Cohen insists that there is nothing wrong with a Top 40, that it encourages more demo submissions and interaction with the site. The site is specially designed so that the higher the song’s overall rating the more it gets played, and vice verse.

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Promo Only And Destiny Media Launches New Version Of Acclaimed Media Delivery System, Promo Only MPE

Promo Only and its partner Destiny Media Technologies announced today a new version of its proprietary anti-piracy and digital distribution system, Promo Only MPE (Media Protected by Encryption). Promo Only MPE 1.1 will offer users a host of enhanced features and benefits including improved user accessibility and ease of use; additional customer service and support; the ability to download entire albums and samples; multi-label support; and further support for Scott Studio customers. Promo Only has also announced that MPE has surpassed 1,500 users signed-on to the service.

Promo Only MPE has been developed to help the music industry combat the ongoing issue of piracy and additionally gain the benefits of digital technology – quicker distribution and reduced costs. Industry leader Universal Music Group (UMG) has been utilizing the service since its launch and has distributed over 200 tracks to radio via Promo Only MPE thus far. In addition, Clear Channel Communications has made Promo Only MPE available to all of its stations across the country.

"We have designed the new build of Promo Only MPE with the customer’s ease of use in mind," said Dean Ernst, Director of the MPE Project. "The response to version 1.1 has been unprecedented and reflective of the overwhelming number of users signed-on to date."

Click for more info: Launches To Provide Fan-based Music Discovery

Upto11, Inc. today announced the availability of its new website,, that enables music fans to quickly discover relevant new music from the digital music collections of hundreds of thousands of other music fans. presents users with the most diverse catalog for music discovery, with over 9 million songs from more than 40,000 artists.

"In spite of all of the advances in digital music over the last several years, it is still very time consuming to discover a new band," said David Sabel, co-founder."As a result, most fans never get exposed to the vast majority of music released each year, much of which may be relevant to their tastes." enables users to find recommendations fast. Within seconds after entering the name of a band that they know, users get a list of 50 or more relevant bands to explore. They can then browse top song and album lists, read biography articles and listen to song previews.

The site also allows users to customize the recommendations by focusing their search within other collections that contain up to four bands that they know. In addition, users can control the overall popularity level of the bands that are recommended.

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Dfest 2005 Is Accepting Submissions For Showcasing Artists March 1, 2005

DFEST: Diversafest 2005 Music Conference and Festival for two full days, all unsigned artists and anyone else interested in the music business will have access to music industry professionals, have the opportunity to listen to mentor panels, and then 85 showcasing artists will have an exclusive opportunity to perform at a music conference showcase during the music festival.

In its fourth successful year, Dfest Music Festival expects more than 80 Industry Reps, 340 musicians and 5,000 music fans in the Boston District of Tulsa, Oklahoma from July 8-10th, 2005.

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Last Call For Auditions In 17th Annual Yamaha Young Performing Artist Competition

Yamaha Corporation of America, Band & Orchestral Division, announces the 17th annual Yamaha Young Performing Artist (YYPA) program. Designed to provide early career recognition for outstanding young musicians in the United States, the program goes hand in hand with the annual Bands of America (BOA) Summer Symposium and serves as its kick-off concert.

The 2005 YYPA winners will join a total of more than 150 others who have earned the distinction since the program’s inception in 1989. Former YYPA winners include some of the top performers and educators in the country; many have received scholarships to prestigious universities and conservatories, or are playing professionally with major jazz groups and top symphony orchestras.

This year’s national awards concert will be held on Monday evening, June 27 at 8:00 p.m. at Braden Auditorium on the campus of Illinois State University in Normal, Ill. The winners will be guests of Yamaha for a weekend of rehearsals, master classes, special awards concerts and social events.

Click for more info: Domain And Content For Auction On EBay announced today that the domain name and all content for the site will be auctioned off on eBay to interested parties.

One of the Internet’s longest-running music websites, was initially launched in August of 1998, and has been featured in several publications and other media outlets, including One2One magazine, MTV and others. During its run it has become one of the most highly ranked music review web sites in Google, Yahoo and other Internet directories and resources.

Interested parties may bid on the domain name and all content written for the site throughout it’s nearly seven-year tenure. Nearly 1,000 reviews are included with the sale of the site, as well as all interviews and articles available on the site.

"We’ve done our part, it’s time to move on," said current Music-Critic Editor-In-Chief and co-owner, Tom Reiter. "There’s so much potential there for the site, especially with the growing music space online ­ iTunes, Napster, etc."

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