The Indie News Beat for March 24th, 2005


March 24, 2005 Edition

* Psychoanarchitecture CD By Pleqq

* Ms. Cherry Brings The Noise And The Krunk

* Jury Rejects Anti-Trust Allegations Against Clear Channel

* Darkwave/trip Pop Duo Hungry Lucy Spring US Tour

* Ella Blame’s Music In Feature Film “Discover Me”

* RRadio Network – Online Radio Listener Survey Results

* Virtual Music Announces The Arrival Of The MDP

* Record Labels Discover Cure For Singles Sales Slump

* Launches New RWG Guitar Line

* GINA/LAWIM Singer/Songwriter Contest For The Missing

* 2005 Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival Call for Entries

Psychoanarchitecture CD By Pleqq

From out of the parallel universes of electronica and dance, Sonic Perfume Music unveils the CD “Psychoanarchitecture”, a multiform musical extraction by artist, pleqq.

The LA-based pleqq, known for his music houses remixes (Flying Hands, Production Garden, Music Motel, TM Century, GMP, QCCS Productions, and Music Motel) and film soundtracks (including Beccerra / Downside Productions and Edge City / Palm Pictures), has transcended the limits of electronic music on Psychoanarchitecture. This groundbreaking CD combines analog synths and software VST instruments to create a visceral, complex and multi-layered aural experience.

With Psychoanarchitecture, pleqq releases an undulating energy that reverberates with a phat analog and crisp digital sound ­ changing the electronic dance palette forever.


Ms. Cherry Brings The Noise And The Krunk

Cherries are one of those rare fruits that can be both sweet and tart. The same can be said for Ms. Cherry, the first lady of StreetWize Recordz. This petite cutie is sweet to look at, but don’t get it twisted, Ms. Cherry can bring it like a pro. With her crunk energy, street rhymes, and determination to make it to the top, Ms. Cherry is about to change the female rap game.

Ms. Cherry has been doing her thing on stage for over six years. In Junior High she was winning school talent shows and impressing peers with her mature lyrics, and sense of style. After her classmates were tucked into bed, Ms. Cherry was out schooling adult competition, in nightclubs and artist showcases all over Atlanta. Her explosive energy, lyrics and ability to dominate the stage instantly appealed to audiences and Ms. Cherry won every competition she entered.

Never one to follow someone else’s interpretation of her talent, Ms. Cherry was initially introduced to StreetWize Recordz execs four years ago as a vocalist, but knew she had the skills to be billed as the label’s first female rap artist. Determined to prove herself, she quickly penned a couple of verses and slipped them in on a song she was asked to sing and the rest is history.

The crunk new single “It’s Whatever”, with its banging beat and Ms. Cherry’s feisty lyrics, has clubs jumping all over the south. Confident in her ability to hold her own as an emcee, this multi-talented beauty isn’t just another female relying on her sexuality to sell records; Ms. Cherry is the total package.


Jury Rejects Anti-Trust Allegations Against Clear Channel From Rival Promoter

A federal jury found that Clear Channel Communications Inc. did not violate antitrust laws in its competition with a rival promoter. The case was the first time a jury was able to examine such allegations against the company in thorough detail.

“This jury’s decision that Clear Channel did not violate antitrust laws sends a powerful signal to those who seek to wrongfully accuse us in the future,” said Andrew Levin, executive vice president and chief legal officer of Clear Channel Communications.

“We are, of course, disappointed that the jury agreed with Jam Sports’ other claim and failed to see this case for what it actually was — a disgruntled competitor that could not succeed in the marketplace and so took its case to a courtroom. We intend to vigorously appeal that decision and expect the appellate court to agree that Clear Channel’s actions were within the law.”


Darkwave/trip Pop Duo Hungry Lucy Spring US Tour

Darkwave/trip-pop duo Hungry Lucy is embarking on a US Spring tour in support of their 3rd full-length release, “To Kill a King” in April/May. The duo will be performing an all new set consisting of many tracks from the latest album as well as brand new versions of many older favorites and perhaps a surprise or two! All new video and added live percussion also make their debut on this tour adding a new dynamic to an already riveting performance. Joining Hungry Lucy on the road for most of the tour will be Oakland neo-electro duo BloodWIRE, who will be supporting their forthcoming album, “Transformation”.


Ella Blame’s Music In Feature Film “Discover Me”

Ella Blame, a Psychedelic Pop, Psychedelic Dance and Ethereal/Ambient duo has contributed its music to the soundtrack of a feature film titled “Discover Me”.

This movie has been produced by jenkev productions, Inc., an independent New York, NY, and Dallas, TX, based film company founded and managed by theater and film professionals, Jennifer Clary and Kevin Haberer.

“Discover Me” is a cutting-edge feature film exhibiting especially realistic concepts developed to establish a new genre in today’s film arena that examines an Internet community’s impact on the formation of modern day relationships. Three interwoven stories provide the foundation for “Discover Me”. The first segment follows the rocky relationship that develops between an agoraphobic painter and a man living in her apartment building. The second plot revolves around a closet masochist’s attempts to fulfill his private longings. The final story thread explores the complications that arise when a girl on the rebound finds herself falling in love with a eunuch.


RRadio Network – Online Radio Listener Survey Results

Audio Graphics’ RRadio Network has released its report on Survey 29. Here is response from 2,038 online radio listeners on where they find new music, whether cell phone radio subscriptions are in their future, and what they will be listening to most one year from now.

Details are through the link above. We’ll cover the basics here:

58.4% of all respondents say they will be listening to internet radio “the most” one year from now.

The question was, “By this time next year, what do you see yourself listening to most? 60.5% of males said it will be radio online. 51.5% of females said the same.

Another statement survey-takers were asked to complete read: “Lately, I’ve been finding most new music on…”

54.1% claimed internet radio. But that same question was asked in Survey 10 – two years ago. Then, 70.3% said it was internet radio.

Survey 29’s third question was: “If Internet radio were available on your cellular telephone, for a reasonable fee, would you pay to listen?” 71.2% replied “no.”


Virtual Music Announces The Arrival Of The MDP (Musician Digital Portfolio)

Virtual Music, a leading provider of digital services for professional musicians, today announced their new service called MDP (Musician Digital Portfolio).

“We are very pleased to announce the MDP. After 15 months of R&D, and negotiations with several “Sponsors”, we have put together the most powerful tool for the musician, seeking to launch or promote their career”.

The MDP (Musician Digital Portfolio) consists of an interactive DVD with dynamic elements of high resolution photography, audio and video; where musicians will be able to showcase their work, their talent and their image; as well as to provide the necessary information for their promotion, booking or contact.

The menus, and all text information, are in English and Spanish. All the elements are created with dynamic buttons and sound. There are 12 themes to choose from, to personalize the MDP (“my MDP”); and if the artist wishes, Virtual Music also offers a professional duplication service, with suitable packaging to be sent by mail or courier; as well as additional related services.


Record Labels Discover Cure For Singles Sales Slump

Record companies are on the road to recovery from decreasing CD sales with the help of a new di music format provided by London digital music company Digimpro.

Roots Manuva new track Too Cold ­ released today ­ comes with the new di music player that gives fans the ability to edit and personalise tracks using alternative, original material that is also included with the single, and resave them as MP3 files. The scope of the alternative materials is unlimited, with Roots Manuva providing a number of alternative vocals, guitar, drums and base tracks.

Far beyond traditional remix software, di also allows for real time and randomly generated remixes using these alternative tracks. Available for both download and CD sales, the di player can produce almost infinite variations and works on all PCs and can be transferred to digital music players.

The new single contains enough alternative tracks to be able to create an almost indefinite number of versions. With that many combinations no two are ever going to be the same, so each version is truly personal.

Source: Launches New RWG Guitar Line today announced the official launch of their new RWG brand line of guitars. Owner Eric Bergquist explains the concept behind the new line as “Giving guitarists a truly fantastic instrument without the need to mortgage their house to afford it!” Bergquist, who was previously involved in the successful Raven guitar company until it’s demise following the untimely death of it’s CEO, had seriously considered getting out of the guitar business. Phone calls, letters and e-mails soon made him change his mind.

“There was real customer disappointment and sadness when Raven closed it’s doors,” he said, ” Raven owners were extremely loyal to the brand and have that sort of underground camaraderie that often develops when people realize something is so good and such a great deal, and that they’re the first ones smart enough to have discovered it.” Buyer review sites like are packed with glowing praise and high marks for the entire Raven line, and certainly bear out Bergquist’s claims. Many believe that because of the quality of the guitars, Raven instruments are now close to achieving collector status.

After listening to former customers and consulting with many guitar players, from basement strummers to pro and working bands, Bergquist said that he realized that there was not only a market for a quality guitar line in that particular price zone, but a real need as well. “With Raven, we’d used a great Korean builder” he said. “Their build quality, ‘no shortcuts’ manufacturing policy and attention to detail was absolutely first rate. My former customers often told me that they wished I’d resurrect the Raven line, but legally that wasn’t possible, so last year after much thought, I approached our builder with the blueprint for the new RWG line.”


GINA/LAWIM Singer/Songwriter Contest For The Missing

Starting March 15, 2005, you submit your best song in any category or style (It doesn’t have to be about missing or lost people, but keep it clean) on CD (include lyric sheet) with a $29. entry fee (additional entries for $25 each if we receive them by 5/1/05) and completed entry form. After 5/1 but before the deadline of 5/10, entry fee per song is $29. We want top quality songs and your version is what we’ll use! More than a chance for you to get your music exposed and valuable prizes (to be announced), this is also a valuable donation and gift of love to help the missing and their families to gain the attention they deserve. One missing person featured on each of our recent compilation CD Projects has been found! The benefits to those families are priceless! The POWER of Music is clear!

Industry professionals will judge the lyrical, melodic and vocal presentation of your song. 10-15 finalists will be chosen to be featured at the big concert at Pearson Park in Anaheim. This will be an all-day event with booths, concessions, drawings and much more. The top three winning entries will be featured in our television series “America Lost and Found.”

Warriors for the Missing has this year scheduled 50 Plus Concerts/Events/ and a National Media Tour April/May 2005.


2005 Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival Call for Entries

For the past decade, The Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival (TVIFMF) has been showcasing the best in the film and music industry and has been touted by music and film entrants as the ‘Friendly Indie Artist Festival,’ providing a unique atmosphere for creatives to premiere their work in a networking setting. Now in it’s 11th year, with last year’s attendance boasting over 10,000 – TVIFMF is ready to roll again this Fall September 14-18-2005 at The Movie Experience 10 at Tower Plaza (25735 Ynez Road). TVIFMF’s tradition of presenting excellence in film and music has featured emerging styles from North America and 20+ countries around the world — and this year will be no different. The festival is announcing its traditional call for Entries for both film and music as officially open.

The festival is open to US and Foreign films in five categories: Full Length Features, Shorts, Documentaries, Animation and Student Films. To be eligible, a film entry must have been completed in 2003, 2004 or 2005. All film entries must be submitted on 1/2″ VHS NTSC Videocassette or DVD to be considered for selection. All styles, genres and film lengths are welcome.


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