The Indie News Beat for the week of August 2, 2005


August 2, 2005 Edition

* Artists Defy London Bombers By Releasing Video

* Warren Zevon Tribute CD Hits Today

* Detroit Techno Militia Gains Ground In Belgium

* Adventure Music Launches Publishing Division

* The Sky’s the Limit for Ryan Farish’s sophomore release "From the Sky"

* I Surrender Records Announces New Signing: Valencia

* Afrikool Records Allies With For Digital Distribution

* UNSIGNED Now Accepts Reviews Through Sonicbids

* 904 Who’s Next? Tef XL & East Unit Release Minority Report

Artists Defy London Bombers By Releasing Video

London artists the Frofar Allstars have collaborated on a track and video called "Make it through the rain".

This video was released after a spate of bombings and terror attacks in London, crippling the transport system and claiming innocent lives, with many still unaccounted for.

This collaboration, a joint project of the artists collectively featuring Steve Johnstone, Kieye, Darshna, Dreyce, Haley and Alisha. This track was made about losing people close to us, through tragedy and how we deal with bereavement and grief.

The nature of the music relects the determinism and resilience of Londoners against the this attack.

The track and video had been circulating on the net, generating a lot of attention. A version of this video shows the artists performing individually, spliced together with the current footage from the tragedy.


Warren Zevon Tribute CD Hits Today

Wampus Multimedia introduces "Hurry Home Early: the Songs of Warren Zevon." Featuring 13 Zevon classics interpreted by emerging artists from the U.S. and England, ‘Hurry Home Early’ focuses on Zevon’s contribution to literate, modern songcraft, and tracks his 35-year journey as acerbic troubadour and cynical romantic.

"Hurry Home Early" traces Zevon’s career from the late 1960s until his untimely death from mesothelioma, an inoperable lung cancer, in 2003. From Phil Cody’s "Splendid Isolation" to Robb Johnson’s "Suzie Lightning," the CD tells the story of an artist torn between hopeful and dark impulses, locked in a struggle between heart and mind. From Tom Flannery’s "Boom Boom Mancini" to Neil Luckett’s "Mutineer," it explores the emotional interior of a composer who has been called the Hunter S. Thompson of audio journalism.

Wampus Multimedia started the Zevon project in 2001, after it released its first tribute CD, ‘If I Were a Richman: a Tribute to the Music of Jonathan Richman,’ and was working on its second, ‘After Hours: a Tribute to the Music of Lou Reed.’ "Warren Zevon was arguably Lou Reed’s west-coast counterpart — the ‘poet of Gower Avenue,’" says Mark Doyon, the CD’s executive producer. "He was a literate songwriter who ventured into pop music…. He understood something basic about human nature. He knew empathy had to be mixed with something cutting, honest, and, preferably, hilarious."


Detroit Techno Militia Gains Ground In Belgium

Alerts are on the rise due to Belgian DJ/Producer Dimitri Pike’s enlistment to RECON:313, a division of the DETROIT TECHNO MILITIA (DTM). This infantry unit is gaining operatives and sleeper cells throughout the globe. Their mission is to combat the complacent music scene by ambushing through the back doors of various regions, both US and abroad. Although new to DTM, Pike has already advanced the front lines.

DJing since 1997, Dimitri Pike has been marching the counter culture forward ever since. Occupying nine territories throughout Northern France and areas South of Belgium, he has consistently rallied dance floors with the battle cry of Detroit Techno. Some of his most notable sonic assaults took place on the decks at Berlin’s Tresor Club and Electric Avenue’s Fuse-In Detroit after-party, "Endurance".

Pike’s studio work has produced a dance floor demolishing arsenal. Twelve of his tracks created with the Neptune Synthesizer serve as demos for the manufacturer, Spectral Audio, Switzerland. His explosive dance floor weapons include the "Night Works EP" (Mirage Records, France), "Carnival" for DJ Bone’s "Subject:Detroit Mix 03" (Subject Detroit), "Expressions" and the "Expressions Reworks" (Wildtek, France/Nufonix, USA). Additionally, he has reconfigured remixes of Mitch Walcott’s "Mind Storm" (Titan Free Project), and the seminal techno classic:"The Shit" by Sean Deason (Matrix, Detroit). Many international DJs regularly utilize his artillery in their own sonic strike missions.


Adventure Music Launches Publishing Division

Adventure Music, the independent label that has released CDs from such acclaimed artists as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Ricardo Silveira, Moacir Santos, Claudia Villela, Maria Marquez, Jovino Santos Neto, and its cofounder mandlolin legend Mike Marshall, has just launched a publishing division. The initial titles from Adventure Publishing are five Mandolin Method books authored by Marshall. The books are currently only available online at the Elderly Instruments website, and will be available at other retailers in the near future.

One of the world’s most accomplished and versatile acoustic musicians, Mike is able to swing gracefully from jazz to classical to bluegrass to Latin styles. Throughout his career, Mike has performed and recorded with some of the top acoustic string instrumentalists in the world, including jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli, fiddle virtuoso Mark O’Connor, five-string banjo phenom Bela Fleck, bassist and MacArthur Fellowship winner Edgar Meyer, and classical violinist Joshua Bell.

His projects for Adventure Music include "Mike Marshall and Choro Famoso," "Serenata" (with Jovino Santos Neto), and, on Adventure Music America, Psychograss’ "Now Hear This." In August, the label will reissue a remastered version of Marshall’s 1996 release, "Brazil Duets," which pairs him with an eclectic array of players, including Bela Fleck, Andy Narell, Michael Manring, and more.

The titles of the five books in the Mandolin Method series are:

The Great Book of Finger Busters

Improvisational Concepts

The Chord Book

Sonatas and Partitas for Unaccompanied Violin by J.S. Bach

Brazilian Choros


The Sky’s the Limit for Ryan Farish’s sophomore release "From the Sky"

Billboard Charting artist Ryan Farish knows the ‘sky is the limit’ when it comes to his sophomore release "From the Sky" which hit retail shelves June 21st, 2005. Already establishing his name as one of the highest downloaded artists on, Ryan raked in close to 2 million downloads by the time his debut "Beautiful" hit shelves.

By the end of 2004, "Beautiful" moved on to # 1 on the Music Choice ‘Soundscapes Channel’, broke into the Top 10 Billboard New Age Charts, ‘Top 25 Albums’ monthly chart and "Sunshine in the Rain" was used for Innovative Stone’s documentary on the first granite building block for the new World Trade Center site.

Currently, his music can be heard just about everywhere on a daily basis. The Weather Channel has been a dedicated fan and programmer of Ryan’s music from day one. Currently 6 songs from the new album "From the Sky" are in rotation on The Weather Channel’s ‘Local on the 8’s’ forecast; as well as the themed intro song on "Storm Stories" which airs nightly. We also have dedicated support from the top satellite & digital cable radio stations including Sirius Satellite Radio and DMX Radio and terrestrial radio programs including Echoes and New World Buzz. This translates into literally MILLIONS OF IMPRESSIONS on a daily basis!


I Surrender Records Announces New Signing: Valencia

"There is something very special about Valencia," says I Surrender owner Rob Hitt. "Honestly, they are my new favorite band‹I’m so lucky." Not many people can actually say that they are releasing the debut record of their favorite band. I Surrender is lucky indeed; with Valencia’s guitar-mangled, multi-layered, melodic rock and amazing energy and musicianship, it’s difficult to argue that there isn’t something special about this band.

Formed less than two years ago by Philadelphia natives Shane Austin Henderson (vocals), George Ciukirescu (bass), Max Soria (drums), JD Perry (guitar), and Brenden Walter (Guitar), the members of Valencia are hardly new to the underground music scene. They’ve all toured extensively in their previous bands, but it wasn’t until the meeting of musical minds that is Valencia, that these musicians felt that they could collectively‹if not earnestly‹move forward to fully explore their creative potential. "Something just clicks when we write music together," says George, "we seem to gel unlike anything else we’ve experienced before playing in other bands."

Sharing the stage with modern day peers like Brand New, The Starting Line, Me Without You, Senses Fail, Mae, The Early November, Days Away, Hidden in Plain View and Owen, Valencia has played everywhere from Los Angeles to New York City. Now, with the backing of I Surrender Records, these up-and-comers are set to release their debut album, This Could Be A Possibility, later this fall. The band will be touring all summer long in support of the album, culminating with an August 12th appearance in Camden, NJ at this year’s Warped Tour.


Kristine Sa Rebirth – Return Of The Queen

Summer is here! Warm weather, blockbuster movies, trips to the beach and now an even better reason to celebrate: Kristine Sa has returned with her long awaited follow up to "I Never Knew", her new album "reBIRTH". That’s right, the Queen of As-Am Pop is back and here to help you set the summer off right with hot new songs, talented new producers, banging remixes, a brand new website, and of course that warm, beautiful voice.

Following the success of "I Never Knew", "reBIRTH" continues Kristine’s evolution as a singer, songwriter, and experimentalist. The new album is a collection of new songs, remixes and rare/never released songs tracing her music from the beginning of her career to the present. Kristine continues her music journey, conveying her evolving sense of love and life with a new musical and writing style unlike anything from her storied past. Streaming and downloadable music clips are available on her new website which also features hot new pictures, pages of new poetry, an interactive diary, and a brand new line of Kristine Sa merchandise.


Afrikool Records Allies With For Digital Distribution, an Independent Content Provider for Shared Media Licensing, announced today that it has entered into agreements with Afrikool Music Production. The deal calls for to distribute the Afrikool catalogue, starting out with six albums. Afrikool’s artists include Nicole Collins, Kool International Friends, Jim Savitt, Miko Fukunaga, Inko/ Neido Tribe, ‘Sir’ Francis and Alain Nkossi Konda.

Through the Weed Service, Afrikool Records can sell their music from their own website, and also embrace peer-to-peer networks as a safe, efficient and secure distribution channel. "We want music fans to be able to reach our catalog of talented and unique artists through a broad range of services, and we are dedicated to expanding access to our content," said Alain Nkossi Konda, CEO/Founder of A.M.P.

"We are very excited to be working with Weed and, as it is clear that this alliance will help us connect directly with our audiences and create a more vibrant website which is consistent with the vision we and our partners share for Afrikool’s growth well into this 21st Century.

The alliance further’s commitment to an openess to diverse musical horizons. "This is an exciting partnership between Afrikool Records and," said Sigmund Elias Holm, Founder of "Alain Nkossi Konda and his team have great experience when it comes to discovering rising stars and developing artistic collaborations between various musical expressions. I look forward to distributing some great Afrikool music through the Weed Service."


UNSIGNED Now Accepts Reviews Through Sonicbids

UNSIGNED Music Magazine ­ The Largest Magazine Dedicated to Indie Music – has made Sonicbids its’ exclusive online partner for delivery of electronic press kits for review by UNSIGNED. The partnership allows members of Sonicbids to submit their material for review directly to UNSIGNED via the members’ electronic press kit (EPK). Non-members are currently being offered a special package price if they join Sonicbids through UNSIGNED. By joining through the following link non-members can join Sonicbids for three months at a reduced price of $9.95 including submission to UNSIGNED.

"This is a great way for artists to immediately submit their material to us and not risk getting it lost in the mail", said Ken Hamlett ­ publisher of UNSIGNED. "It also gives non-members an incentive to join at a reduced rate and have their material submitted to UNSIGNED for review."

UNSIGNED receives hundreds of submissions every month from artists seeking reviews and the new Sonicbids partnership makes submissions and reviews an easier process.

"We’re excited that Sonicbids has the perfect delivery format for artists to submit material, they make it easy for artists to contact players in the industry that will help push their career to the next level," said Ken Hamlett.


904 Who’s Next? Tef XL & East Unit Release Minority Report

Born on October 22, 197-, Cedric Terrell a.k.a. TEF XL was destined to become famous. He was born into a military family, which found their way to Jacksonville, FL in 1983. It is Jacksonville, FL where he was originally introduced to crime in the project subdivision called Caravan on the south side of the city. At the age of twelve, TEF XL was embedded in hustling drugs, and committing robberies. He first started rapping as a hobby, to entertain his friends while standing on the project corner.

As years past, he began using rap as a channel to give his friends updates on the latest gun battles or crimes committed in the neighborhood. Soon rap became an addiction, which allowed him to express his feelings towards the world. As a seasoned emcee TEF-XL brings a diverse and complex perspective to urban music.

TEF-XL first hit the local music scene in Jacksonville, FL with a conglomerate of emcees known as E.A.S.T U.N.I.T. As a unit they performed multiple shows opening for rap legends such as Notorious B.I.G, Scarface, Outkast, just to name a few.

TEF-XL, also retained a dark side, known as a notorious hustler on the streets. After frequent encounters with law enforcement and near death experiences, TEF-XL made a promise to himself, his daughter and the game, that he would acclaim higher achievements and give documentation to the streets from which he came. To accomplish such a task TEF-XL revamped his outlook on life and pioneered a street hustle to accumulate money to attend college, and then pursue his music career.


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