The Indie News Beat for the week of July 25, 2005


July 25, 2005 Edition

* A Fairwell To One Of Reggae Pioneer Clancy Eccles

* Arms Of Kismet Rolls Out "Auriculara (Listen To Me)"

* Euphon Ushers In A New Hip-hop Movement

* Toucan Cove Lights The Match ­ Signs Rockers Stereo Fuse

* The 3rd Annual Underground Music Awards And The A&R Power Summit 2005

* Shock G Hip-Hop, Rap And P Funk Legend Retires

* 2005 Kweevak Music Awards: Reader’s Survey Winners Announced

* Limp Bizkit Tops AntiMusic’s 101 Lamest Songs Of All Time List

* Music Producer Peter Kearns Makes Web Waves

* Sevendust Signs New Record Deal

* ULTRA.NY :: America’s Largest Dance Music Event Comes To New York

A Fairwell To One Of Reggae Pioneer Clancy Eccles

As of June 30, 2005 at 4:00 AM Clancy Eccles past away from a severe stroke, Clancy Eccles was 64 years old. He was born December 1940 in Saint Mary, Jamaica from a family of (12) brothers and (5) sisters. Eccles was an excellent Taylor which he took his trade from his father Cecil Eccles and a political speaker for Jamaica. His greatest achievement took place outside of the studio: in the early ’70s, when he organized a traveling stage show to contribute to the successful campaign of Jamaican socialist politician Michael Manley. Clancy Eccles made a lot of rock steady music in the late ’60s and early ’70s, much of it on his Clandisc label distributed through Trojen Records. As a singer, Eccles had started recording back in the late ’50s.

After recording ska in the early reggae scene for a while, he became more as a producer. As a producer, Eccles became more active in the studio in the late ’60s, overseeing tracks by Alton Ellis, Joe Higgs, Beres Hammond just to name a few, and several less-famed artists. Eccles included some solid and enjoyable material that contributed to the peak of the rock steady movement. Clancy was known for his Jamaican hits Fatty Fatty, Sweet Sweet Jamaica, Simple Simon, Auntie Lulu and Bag a Boo just to name a few. As his nephew he inspired me to venture into the music industry as a music distributor. Clancy Eccles my uncle you be missed.


Arms Of Kismet Rolls Out "Auriculara (Listen To Me)"

Arms of Kismet releases "Auriculara (Listen to Me)" as the second single from its recent CD, Cutting Room Rug. Following "Outbound Train" to radio, "Auriculara" blends genres (classic rock, ’80s pop, hip-hop) in offbeat ways, fusing rants and laments in a playful cocktail of satire and sincerity.

"Auriculara" was written and produced by Mark Doyon, mastered by Jon Astley (Tori Amos, George Harrison, Pete Townshend), and released by independent label Wampus Multimedia. Guests include Eamon Loftus (lead guitar) and Paul Golder (backing vocals).

Doyon released CDs as Wampeters during the 1990s, and published Bonneville Stories, a book of fiction, in 2001. He was executive producer of this year’s Warren Zevon tribute, Hurry Home Early: the Songs of Warren Zevon.

He sees "Auriculara" as a blend. "The ingredients have always been there," he says. "It all comes down to the recipe. As Pete Townshend put it, ‘I didn’t invent the chords.’"


Euphon Ushers In A New Hip-hop Movement

July 2005, Euphon ushers in a movement of quality music, with classic hip-hop themes and ideals with a contemporary flair by way of their new project entitled Euphonics Redefined on independent imprint Ironhorse Music.

Using their featured appearances at the Zulu Nation’s 30th and 31st Anniversary Celebrations and MTV2’s Area 2 Tour with Moby, Euphon has gained a unique following in New York’s underground circuit. Providing a refreshing alternative to the material that’s commercially released, Euphon ventures forward with an understanding of their responsibility to carry on the legacy of Hip-Hop music.


Toucan Cove Lights The Match ­ Signs Rockers Stereo Fuse

Toucan Cove Entertainment has added red hot arena rockers Stereo Fuse to its roster, which already includes Frickin’ A ("Naked in My Bed" and "Jessie’s Girl") and Digby ("One Hundred Percent Free").

Formerly with Wind-up Records (Evanescence, Creed), Stereo Fuse placed on the musical map with a powerful cover of Material Issue’s "Everything" which was a Top 10 radio hit as well as a Top 10 most requested video, played on both MTV and VH1. This heavy exposure catapulted the band into the Top 40 of the Billboard Top New Artist chart, a position it maintained for over two months at the beginning of 2003. This, in turn, led to placement of their song "Super Hero" in Jackie Chan’s movie The Medallion.

In addition to 18 opening slots on Creed’s final tour (including the infamous Chicago show) that saw them perform to over a quarter million fans, Stereo Fuse toured arenas with Our Lady Peace, and shared the stage with Avril Lavigne, Bowling for Soup, Sister Hazel, Lifehouse and Jewel.


The 3rd Annual Underground Music Awards And The A&R Power Summit 2005

Day 1: – August 21st The 6th Semi-Annual A&R Power Summit At Club City (West 26th Between 7th & 8th Ave) In NYC

Day 2: – August 22nd The 3rd Annual Underground Music Awards At The World Famous SOB’s In NYC

The A&R Power Summit is the brainchild of Jesse Atkinson, CEO of Urban Threshold Enterprises Inc and Robert "Mr. Raw" Wright, Chief Operating Officer of Urban Threshold. With the assistance of J. Price Mars, Executive VP of Urban Threshold, the A&R Power Summit/Summer 2004 on August 29th, 2004 at SOB’S was a huge success. Ms. Chivon Dean, President of Ruff Ryders sat on one of the A&R Panels and she was presented with an award for Executive of The Year.

The 2005 A&R Power Summit promises to be just as rewarding. A&R representatives from the hottest urban labels will come together to discuss the best avenues for artists to take to get the record deal that will further their career. They will discuss what artists should be looking for in a record deal. Our main endeavor will be to give talented artists and producers, who have few connections or resources, the chance to get their music heard and the chance to receive valuable business information regarding the music industry.

The music business is 90% business and 10% talent. This industry is all about whom you know and not what you know. Success in the music business depends upon making the right relationships. Most successful people in the music industry have positioned and networked themselves to success.

There will be music business executives in attendance at the A&R Power Summit who can show artists how to develop multiple revenue streams with in the music industry. Furthermore, the A&R Power Summit is one of the most affordable seminars of its kind.


Shock G Hip-Hop, Rap And P Funk Legend Retires

Hip-hop, rap, P-Funk artist Shock G aka Gregory E. Jacobs has announced he is retiring from music. Shock is also an accomplished artists and writer.

Along with Chopmaster, Shock G formed the Digital Underground hip-hop and rap group with its unique sound in 1987. The group was bizarre, funky and unique in the genre that was being dominated by hard core rappers and gangsta rap groups, but they flourished and survived.

Shock G had many alter ego’s, the most famous was Humpty Hump. Being born on the east coast and finally settling in the Bay Area, Shock G has made an impact of the music industry worldwide.

One of his accomplishments was introducing the world to the late rap icon Tupac Shakur. Leila Steinberg became Tupac’s first manager. Tupac formed the group Strictly dope with 5 other members including rap artist Ray Luv. Later Steinberg introduced Tupac to Shock-G of Digital Underground and Tupac traveled with the Digital Underground, and when Shock gave him his chance on Same Old Song ­ the world of hip-hop and rap music would never be the same.


2005 Kweevak Music Awards: Reader’s Survey Winners Announced

The Kweevak Music Awards "Top-35" Reader’s Survey Music Projects of the Year for 2005 have been announced by For a list of the winners and information on how to get your music project included in next year’s nominations please see the awards page at: is the web home of the Kweevak Music Magazine online portal and syndicated radio program. The Kweevak Music Awards have shone the spotlight on great music releases and the bands and musicians who have created them since first publishing their site in 1999.

The Kweevak music site is also now riding high thanks to a loyal fan base which includes readers from all over the world. The online magazine now reaches over 16,000 unique music fans per issue. Readership is also up over 10% with every new edition of the promotional portal and magazine. Kweevak has also become a top-ranked site for "indie music promotion" on all the best web sites – check it out for yourself!


Limp Bizkit Tops AntiMusic’s 101 Lamest Songs Of All Time List

Fred Durst has a new reason to break stuff. Limp Bizkit’s "Nookie" has been named the lamest song of all time by

antiMusic published the first part of their 101 Lamest Songs of All Time list on Monday, revealing the lamest song of all time and the songs that landed at 91 through 101. Over the next two weeks antiMusic will publish 11 songs from the list each week day, 10 songs in reverse chronological order and 1 song from the Top 10.

"This list started out as a fun thread on one of our message boards commenting on a magazine’s bad song list," say antiMusic editor Keavin Wiggins. "Then it took on a life of its own and I decide that it might be fun to compile an antiMusic list of the lamest songs, so I asked our writers and regular readers to submit their nominations and the list was born."

Which artists produced the most lame songs? "There was no clear cut winner, Limp Bizkit, Warrant, Hole, Sheryl Crow, Nsync and Motley Crue each had three songs that made the list; which is quite an accomplishment with a list of only 101 songs," says Keavin. "Blink-182, Avril Lavigne, Poison, Journey and Simple Plan followed close behind with two songs on the list."

Here are the Top 10 of the 101 Lamest Songs of All Time

1) Nookie – Limp Bizkit

2) Shut Up – Kelly Osbourne

3) St. Anger – Metallica

4) Sk8tr Boi – Avril Lavigne

5) Cherry Pie – Warrant

6) I Think I Love You – David Cassidy

7) Sweet Child Of Mine – Sheryl Crow

8) Gold Dust Woman – Hole

9) Butterfly – Crazy Town

10) Ice, Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice


Music Producer Peter Kearns Makes Web Waves

The classic art of making records is alive and well in cyberspace. New Zealand-based music producer Peter Kearns has made more than a musical noise over the past four years. Having spent the better part of two decades producing and performing in his homeland, he has now, thanks to the internet, moved his operation to virtually span the globe.

His multi-instrumental and musical arrangement skills are being utilized worldwide more and more via his consultations on the internet. In the past two years alone Mr Kearns has co-produced from a distance, up and coming Norwegian rockers ‘Gazpacho’, Dee Long from Canada’s Klaatu, and has also contributed to various independent releases in the USA.

Peter has achieved this from such a great distance by recognizing the very real need that both burgeoning and experienced artists have for an objective set of ears during the recording process. He says "There are thousands of independent artists out there these days and only a small percentage of them have the budget to allow for a producer to helm their project. So much independent product comes so close but falls short of the mark through an innocent lack of two things; objectivity, and a real knack for making musical moves that keep a listener focused and continuing to listen".

Peter believes that one way new recording acts can garner even wider audiences for their albums is through the traditional means of recording with a producer that really understands where they’re coming from musically and who steers them towards their vision unencumbered by the inobjectivity inherent in self-production. "There’s really more to it than just doing your thing. It’s no longer enough for an artist to merely express themselves. It’s now become a matter of thinking smart and enticing listeners into accepting what you’re delivering to them. Not through gimmicks, but through honest musical statements coupled with cut-throat concision".


Sevendust Signs New Record Deal

Sevendust is teaming up with innovative record label WineDark Records which is distributed in the U.S. by Fontana Distribution, a division of Universal Music and Video Distribution (UMVD), for the upcoming release of their latest record, Next. Sevendust is the Atlanta, GA-based rock group who clawed their way through the late 1990s and early 2000s with a string of hit albums, forming the backbone of a sound and attitude that defies genre classification. Beginning with their 1997 self-titled debut and continuing through to their most recent record, Seasons, Sevendust, despite a self described "roller coaster ride," has sold nearly four million units in the US alone and is poised to expand it’s domain to the rest of the world.

Sevendust commented : "It was amazing to see the reaction to what we had created from such a large percentage of the record industry. After weighing many options we decided to sign with WineDark Records who subsequently offered us our own record label imprint, 7Bros. Records. The excitement that we feel from WineDark Records, is something we have never felt before. The end result is truly gratifying"

WineDark Records, is the latest project from music industry executives Michael Powlen, Gary Katz, Camille M. Barbone, and Larry Stessel. Katz, Barbone and Stessel have previously spearheaded many artist projects and have helped amass a combined sales tally of well over 100 million records.


ULTRA.NY :: America’s Largest Dance Music Event Comes To New York

Announcing "ULTRA.NY" September 16th at Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield, presented by Ultra Music Festival in association with Ultra Records Inc. Beginning at 4:30pm, dance music lovers of all ages will be witness to over 5 hours of top international electronic artists, performing in 3 arenas. This event coincides with the end of the CMJ Music Marathon, one of the largest music conferences for college students, and the beginning of Billboard’s Dance Music Summit.


Main Stage


Astralwerks Records


Maverick Records / "Perfecto On Tour"

Grammy Nominee TIMO MAAS

New Album "Pictures" in stores late August

Ultra Tent


Subliminal Records / Pacha Ibiza


BE YOURSELF, king of marathon club sets

NYC Tent

CROBAR NY residents David Waxman & Boris

Special guest KEVENS

More Talent TBA


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