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The Indie News Beat for the week of September 18, 2006


September 18, 2006 Edition

* 9/11 Inspired Song That’s Insane Released By Alternative Band Retro Nouveau

* Acapella/R&B/Doo Wop Style Singing Group Lands A Scene On ABC’s “Six Degrees”

* Creating The 60s Sound – 40 Years Later

* Gary Paul Bryant Releases 7th CD – Legacy

* MDN And CMC Partners With AirPlay Direct

* NARIP Conferences On The Essentials Of Income Streams In The New Music Business

* Gibson Guitar And HATCHfest On Worldwide Search For Top New Musician

9/11 Inspired Song That’s Insane Released By Alternative Band Retro Nouveau

In recognition of the 5th anniversary of 9/11, alternative rock band Retro Nouveau announces the release of the CD single “That’s Insane”, available for Free Download For A Limited Time Only at, with more information available at . The song is a preview of the forth coming 2007 release “Watching the Meteors Falling”, the second full length CD from Retro Nouveau.

As many around the world watched the twin towers collapse 5 years ago, these were some of the thoughts that went through the head of Allan Bilka: Killing in the name of God? That’s insane! But we all know the nature of the paradox of war and the pursuit world peace in the name of a religious ideal: Killing in the name of God is also the “holiest” reason to kill. The nature of that paradox begins to be explored in “That’s Insane. It is a call for understanding and sanity in our mixed-up world.

Sylistically, the song has been described by some as Santana meets Gorillaz. It features thought provoking vocals and emotional guitars by Allan Bilka over a perfect counterpoint of manually played electronic percussion, cymbals and bass bells by guest artist Vinter Shaype. A CD single of “That’s Insane”, including original, instrumental, extended and alternate mixes, will also be available soon on iTunes (Allan Bilka's Retro Nouveau), CDbaby and

Attending the release of the new John Lennon documentary “The US vs John Lennon” this weekend in Toronto Canada, Vinter and Allan were inspired by the struggle of John Lennon to raise world awareness of the potential for peace. While this song is not exactly a “peacenik” inspired song, it is brings to light the paradox of war and our current state of world order or lack there of. In the spirit of John Lennon, Retro Nouveau and big mix music offer this song to you and the world.


Acapella/R&B/Doo Wop Style Singing Group Lands A Scene On ABC’s “Six Degrees”

Singing in the NYC subways as part of the MTA’s Music Underground series paid off for the singing group Nu Millennium when they were discovered by a casting director for the upcoming ABC television series “Six Degrees”. Soon after they blew the Directors and Producers at the audition of the soon to be hit TV show away with their sweet harmonies and soulful interpretations of Doo Wop, Motown and Soul classics, Nu Millennium began filming scenes for the upcoming show which will air on September 28th, 2006 at 10:00pm right after “Gray’s Anatomy” on ABC in which they actually filmed singing on a NYC subway train. For Mike Robinson, tenor in the group, who just became a grandfather the day before, the experience filming with the stars of the show until 3:00 in the morning was “the greatest day of [his] life”. Look for the group’s first album coming out in February 2007 and numerous live performances in the NYC tri-state area.


Creating The 60s Sound – 40 Years Later

A three-person band, “NB3,” has completed a CD of 12 original songs‹after a 40-year hiatus.

The two brothers and a friend in Salt Lake City, Utah, formed NB3 in the mid-60s. Like many “basement bands” at the time, they emulated the sounds of the “British Invasion:” Kinks, Animals, Rolling Stones, and, of course, the Beatles. Their original songs also drew from these influences. The band broke up when the brothers’ family moved to Virginia. None pursued a musical career, and the songs were forgotten.

Until 2003, that is. Drummer Jim Potter found the lyrics sheets and chords of eleven songs in an old box stored in his garage. A close look and good memory led him to conclude that the songs really did have merit, having effectively captured the sounds of the day. His brother Don agreed‹so they recorded the songs at a local recording studio, Jim on drums, keyboards, and vocals, Don on guitars and vocals.

The third member, Nic Baker, was harder to find, as numerous web searches and e-mails to “Nicholas Bakers” throughout the country were unsuccessful. Although the brothers had concluded he was probably living under a new identity in a witness-protection program, they followed one last lead. Not only did they find Nic, but discovered he also lives in Virginia, less than four hours away.

NB3 has completed the CD, “Full Circle,” with 12 original songs including the title track looking back on those days. Other baby boomers have likened the sound to the Hollies and The Beatles. Younger listeners have commented on how much their parents would like the music.

In addition to the CD, Jim wrote a based-on-fact story of the three of them growing up. While the focus is on the band’s development and adventures, it also describes such growing-up experiences as middle-of-the-night escapades from home and the police, the stresses of a Catholic-school education, and the exciting innocence of an evening alone with one’s first girlfriend.


Gary Paul Bryant Releases 7th CD – Legacy

They call him ‘the piano and then-some man.’ Gary Paul Bryant‘s latest CD, Legacy (Gary Paul Bryant - Legacy)
demonstrates that description once again. A generous collection of twenty compositions, Legacy includes 5 completely new instrumentals that show Gary’s skills at piano playing as well as his ability to fuse quiet jazz piano with power of rock, embellished by the sounds of a large classical orchestra.

Legacy follows on the heals of Imaginary Piano, Gary’s much acclaimed jazz fusion CD that saw several tracks receive huge download numbers as well as make it to the top ten of a number of stations throughout the world.

“It’s kind of interesting to see one of your songs get to number three in a foreign country,” says Bryant. Legacy is also the first of Gary’s CD to be available at his licensing site

Bryant grew up in New England. By 13, he had taught himself piano, guitar, drums and accordion. He wrote and copyrighted his first song, Move Away, at the age of 15. He currently lives in Washington State, in the U.S.

Legacy has been released on Sept 1, 2006 on Bryant’s label Take Home Music, and is available online at, and scores of online download sites. For more information, or to order the album, visit


MDN And CMC Partners With AirPlay Direct

The Music Discovery Network (MDN) and the Creative Musicians Coalition (CMC) have formed a key strategic partnership with AirPlay Direct allowing artists and record labels to digitally deliver their “broadcast-quality” music and Electronic Press Kits / EPKs directly to radio stations and music industry professionals around the world… for free.

“Marketing is the life-blood of success,” says Ron Wallace, founder of CMC and MDN. “It’s absolutely mandatory for artists to have their music heard and keep their faces in the public’s eye to get anywhere in this competitive world. You just can’t sit back and hope that people will find you. AirPlay Direct offers artists an incredible opportunity to help them grow their careers far beyond the ordinary.”

Artists and labels can now offer their music and press kits through AirPlay Direct’s digital delivery system for free. Also free, radio stations can now preview and download “broadcast-quality” music from the artists for airing on their stations.

Ron continues, “The high cost of mailing CDs and press kits is a thing of the past. Artists can now deliver their music and press material to industry decision makers for free. This is marketing genius that every success-driven artist must take advantage of. And, for stations looking to tap into the new music marketplace, AirPlay Direct is a godsend.”


Entertainment Attorney Dina LaPolt Hosts Two NARIP Conferences On The Essentials Of Income Streams In The New Music Business

Entertainment attorney Dina LaPolt, at the helm of a thriving West Hollywood law practice, LaPolt Law P.C., will host two workshops – one on Wednesday, October 11th in San Francisco and the second on Thursday, November 2nd in New York City – as part of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP) “How To Start A Record Label” series.

“An Overview of the Legal and Practical Aspects of the NEW Recording Industry” will cover a variety of topics on which LaPolt has recent experience. These include inside information on the new types of record deals the major labels are doing and a discussion of all the income streams available to record companies and their artists — Webcasting royalties, digital downloading, mobile music deals, and video games. Whether you are an artist, manager, lawyer, record executive, or producer, this music business overview is essential to understanding the new income streams available to recording artists. The workshop in San Francisco will be held at San Francisco State University’s Downtown Center, October 11th at 7:00PM. The following workshop in New York City will be held at Fordham University, November 2nd at 7:00PM.

“We’re delighted to help distribute Dina LaPolt’s expertise from coast to coast,” says NARIP President Tess Taylor. “Her Los Angeles program was so excellent, and NARIP received so many requests from around the country, that we booked additional workshops in San Francisco and New York. Dina is a consummate professional, sharp and emphatic in her defense of her clients and their economic interests. Every client should be so lucky as to have a lawyer like her. She elevates her profession.”


Gibson Guitar And HATCHfest On Worldwide Search For Top New Musician

Amateur and professional musicians from around the globe will compete for the Gibson Guitar New Musician Award to be given out at the upcoming Hatch Audiovisual Arts Festival.

Gibson Guitar, the world’s premiere musical instrument manufacturer, continues its partnership with HATCHfest, now in its third year. The winner of the Gibson Guitar New Musician Award will receive an exclusive Gibson Acoustic Traveling Songwriter guitar and invited to perform at this year’s event, which takes place from October 3rd to the 8th in Bozeman, Montana. Airfare and accommodation will be provided. Legendary singer / songwriter JD Souther (Best of My Love, Victim of Love, Heartache Tonight, New Kid in Town) will present this year’s award. To find out more about the Gibson Acoustic Traveling Songwriter guitar go to Souther will also conduct a Master’s Class for a select group of HATCHfest attendees and participate in many of the festival’s other activities.

“In my opinion to embrace art is to embrace humanity. I’m proud to be a part of Gibson’s effort to acknowledge and encourage the pursuit of art,” said Souther. JD’s participation at HATCHfest comes on the heels of his highly anticipated CD release this fall.

“Gibson Guitar is proud to sponsor the New Musician Award at this year’s HATCHfest,” said Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar. “HATCHfest signifies the spirit of the true musician and like Gibson Guitar recognizes the individual achievements of those performers who continue to give music a voice throughout the world.” In addition to JD Souther’s participation and presentation of the New Musician Award at HATCHfest, Master Luthier Ren Ferguson will be conducting a Masters Class at the Gibson Guitar Factory in Bozeman.


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