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The Konks

The_konks If you think that the name The Konks sounds familiar that’s because they are the band that won the inaugural Little Steven’s Underground Garage Battle of the Bands competition last year. Well I have been blasting their brand spanking new CD from Bomp! called The Konks the last couple of days and this is snarling, raging, distorted garage punk that needs to be played loud. And in one of the most surprising covers of an Aerosmith song since R.E.M. did “Toys in the Attic” the Konks end off their CD with a blast through “Let the Music Do the Talking” a surprising choice but one that really works. Whenever you think that snot nosed punk rock is dead, a record like The Konks comes around to bite you in the ass and remind you to junk the iPod and invest in some really big speakers because they pump out the rock and roll just like it was still 1966. How cool is that? Have a listen to King Kong.