The Lolas- “Something You Oughta Know” (Jam Recordings)

Lolassomething_you_oughta_know Good power pop is such a pleasure because no matter what mood you are in it will always put a smile on your face and get you reaching for the volume knob to crank it up. The Lolas have consistently put out great power pop and Something You Oughta Know is one more arrow in their power pop quiver of greatness. From the great opening track (and free download) “We’re Going Down to the Boathouse” to my personal favourite “Little Deedra” these guys have got the hooks, riffs and harmonies to make you instantly hit repeat on the CD player as soon as the CD is over. A great band who will be blaring from the speakers all summer by the pool at my house, The Lolas are simply great rock and roll. More please.