The man behind Creation Records and Oasis has a new music TV show

alan-mcgee.jpgAlan McGee, the man behind Creation Records, Poptones and Oasis has started a music show on the TV channel RockWorld.TV according to the NME. McGee will be hosting “Death Disco” which is a TV version of his long running club night at the Cuckoo Club in London. Each show will feature three bands playing before a live audience and it will be kicking off on July 20th with The Holloways, Reverend and the Makers and The Chavs.

Speaking of his Poptones label, McGee has revealed that he has abandoned it and that the bands on it should release the music themselves. His comments about existing labels is telling:

The accountants will make them see sense. They’ll probably stop signing new groups – new groups will have to develop themselves. The best advice I could give to any young band is to do it yourself,” continued McGee. “Of course the major record companies will come in and sign two or three new bands a year and probably always will. But who’ll own the major record companies? Probably a hedge fund.”