The Master Musicians of Jajouka

Always wanted to know why Brian Jones stumbled into the foothills of the Rif Mountains in Morocco to record an exotic sounding but otherwise unheard of band of hillsman just before he “quit” the Stones? Listen to some of these tunes and you’ll float off into another world. Arguably the first instance of “Third World” music influencing a rock and roller. Robert Palmer (the writer) wrote an excellent article for Rolling Stone about them. They played on Steel Wheels too.

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  1. Jajouka Village – Map and directions (Carte).

    The official Jajouka web site does not provide specific directions on how to get to the village. For reasons which most likely include politics in a religious kingdom, visitors have been traditionally invited during a yearly muslim event. The official Jajouka web site discourages tourists and visitors from traveling to the village at their convienience, no matter how impractical it may be for some to travel during the official muslim festivities.

    However the vilage of Jajouka and the Master Musicians of Jajouka actually welcome visitors outside of that event. For all ancient special-beat lovers, and anyone who wants to visit the village of Jajouka ANYTIME, here is an unofficial Jajouka web site, which displays a map to the village (Carte Routiere).

    Enjoy, and Bon Voyage!

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