The Mutants- Deathrace 3000

Mutantspromo Instrumental rock and roll bands often don’t get the recognition and respect that they deserve but Finland’s The Mutants are something else. On “Deathrace 3000” you can hear the band and their amazing self-described “instro afro-garage mambo” in all its’ glory and man is it cool. I mean, this is like sleazy B-grade lounge music for rock and roll garage punk maniacs but “Deathrace 300” delivers in spades. You almost want to grab your camcorder and a copy of iMovie and go and make that Russ Meyer inspired B-movie just so you can use some of this stuff in the soundtrack. These ultar-hip tunes from The Mutants are available from the wonderful Greek label Green Cookie Records. Great stuff!

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  1. Thanks a lot for rewieving our Deathrace 3000 record. It`s really a compilation of our earlier 7″ sigles and of our first recordings. Just wanted to mention that we have a newer Lp also out “Voodoo Blues” from 2003. Check it out!!
    El Toro

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