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The new reality for major labels

Nimbet CEO Patrick Faucher over at CNET news has written a succint piece called Where did the music industry go wrong? setting out the new reality that major labels face and the growing options available to artists in the Internet age. He writes that “The industry has become decentralized. Major labels no longer have the market muscle or control over the distribution channels as they once did.”

This is something I have written about extensively in the past. The democratization of the means of distribution in this Web 2.0 MySpace-YouTube world has given the working musician a fair chance at getting their music heard. As musicians have more outlets to get their music out there there will be a growing opportunity for those of us passionate about music to act as trusted filters, discussing and playing all of this great material while bypassing the typical Clear Channel/MTV approved forms of criticism and publicity. It is all evolving into a new ecosystem where the music is finally taking center stage and the “hit making machinery” of the labels is being put into its proper context.

These are indeed heady times. Let’s not fuck it up.