Rock Radio 2.0

The Next Portable Transistor Radio

One of the things that made rock and roll take off in the ’60s was the introduction of the portable AM radio. Now all the kids had a way of listening to the latest Top 40 hits at the beach with all their friends. The huge popularity of these little transistor radios fueled the growth of Top 40 radio which eventually created FM as a response and so the beat goes on. Now you won’t catch most people these days listening to AM radio for their music fix but if you have a Pocket PC the days of listening to Internet Radio at the beach may be not that far off. This turorial at About.Com gives you the lowdown on how it can be done. So off to the beach you go! Surf over to The Rock and Roll Report, check out one of the ‘Net based stations of the week and enjoy! And if anybody kicks sand in your face don’t forget to gamble for a stamp and send away for that Charles Atlas workout course so you will be able to deal with that clod in no time!