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TORONTO – November 21, 2006 – North by North East (NXNE) is Canada’s best live music event dedicated to exposing the best in new music and music movies. Each year NXNE showcases over 450 live acts from across Canada and around the world, at thirty-five venues in downtown Toronto. It’s one heck of a music party. The NXNE Film Festival offers a unique program of music related feature films, documentaries and shorts where music is the star. Each year hundreds of music professionals from Canada and around the world flock to NXNE to discover their new favourite bands, network, catch up with old friends and have a few cold beverages in what historically is always a wonderful hot weekend in Toronto.

Do you feel that’s its about time the world heard you? Submissions are open so please visit to submit your music through SonicBids. If you submit before December 31 the fee is only $25.00 Canadian and after December 31 it is $35.00. The Deadline for all entries is January 12, 2007. No mail-in submissions will be accepted.

To submit a film, documentary, short or animated short you must go through Withoutabox. No mail-in submissions will be accepted. Submissions start November 1st and close January 12, 2007. $15 Canadian for shorts under forty-five minutes $25 for features over forty-five minutes. Themes or subjects of films must somehow be applicable to the music industry as in documentaries about artists or genres; or films where music is the subject.

“NXNE is an exciting combination of indie music and a film lovers gourmet feast. We had a great time and we would love to come back.” Stewart Copeland.

This past event June 06 was the film festival’s fifth year. Some of the films were Searching for Col. Parker, High & Dry: Where Desert Meets Rock’N’Roll, All Kinds of Girls, Mahaleo, KEFLAVIK: Liverpool of the North, Escarpment Blues starring Sarah Harmer and the Canadian premiere of Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out. Stewart Copeland was also on hand as a celebrity interview and a highlight of the weekend.

NXNE takes places downtown Toronto June 7, 8, 9 2007. It is ALWAYS Canada’s best and most important new music festival. It’s always about the music.

For more information on the event and past bands please go to
MEDIA Contact:
Sue McCallum
NXNE Publicity
(416) 596-8696 ext. 225
(289) 314-4380 cell

Bands who have played NXNE –
Buzzcocks Television MC5 Billy Talent Sarah Harmer Feist Johnny Rotten Death From Above 1979 Mobile Ladies and Gentlemen
!Bang Elektronika !Que Vida! ?Alice! 11 Minutes Away 122 Griege 16 Tons 2 Skinnee J’s 360 Loose 4 In Da Morning Crew 4th Pyramid 5 Line Legacy 53 Days 54-40 5th PROJEKT 6 String Drag 63 Monroe 69 Duster 7 Life 7 Sages 80 Proof Burn 84 Nash A Girl Named Sue A million evil pennies A Northern Chorus A.K.A. AA Sound System Aaron Booth Aaron Wilkinson Abe Ho Aloz Abs & Fase Absolute Whores ACCORDING TO SIMON aceface ACTION Ad Frank Adam Brodsky Adam Druckman Adam Franklin Adam Joseph Adam Kowalczyk Adam Marshall Adrian Miller Band Adrien Adrienne Pierce Aengus Finnan Aerin Tedesco After Dark Agent 009 Agony Hill aka The Hots Alan Lee Alan Marsden Alastair Alex Baird Alexandra Sleightholm Alexisonfire All State Champion All Systems Go! Alla Kadysh Allen Dobb Allison Thrash Altar Native Alun Piggins AM Amanda Mabro & The Cabaret Band Amaris Amazon Mollies Amber deLaurentis Ambulance Ltd Amelia’s Dream Amer Diab American Mars Amoebic Ensemble AMPOP Ana Coutinho Anderson Briefcase Andre Ethier Andrea England Andrea Florian Andrea Koziol Andrea Lake Andrew Spice Andrew Vincent and the Pirates Andrew Walker Andy Stochansky Angie Nussey Ani’s Whisper Animal Monster Anita Athavale Anjulie Ann Vriend Annabelle Chvostek Anne Harris Anne Loree Anne McCue Anne McGorrian Anne Watts & Boister Annette Ducharme Another Blue Door Apartment Three Apathy Apocalypso Apostle Of Hustle Aquanaut Arcade ARCTIC Ariel Arnie Naiman & Chris Coole Arson Welles Art From The Ruin As It Is Asassini Ass Machine Astral Is Annie Astrid Young Astro Groove astroblast Astrokick Atom Orr Audio Playground High + Wide Audiobomb Audiophiles Audiosleep Audrey Becker Awry Azalia Snail B.S. Romeo B’ehl Backyard Babies Baghouse Bakersfield Ballistic Edna BallyHoo!! Balthazar Bap Kennedy Baraka Barzin Bastards Of Melody Battlestar Beach Beautiful 2000 Beautiful Losers Beautiful Senseless Bedouin Soundclash Bee-Freaks Beka Fletcher Bella belladonnakillz bellwether Ben Glover Ben Gunning Ben Ratliff Ben Somer Ben Sures Beneath Augusta Benjamin Benji Besharah Beth Boucher Better Off Dead Better Than Blue Betty Goo Betty Moon Beyond the Pale Big Bad Johns Big Brother Big Eddy & the Trailer Park Five Big Fish Eat Little Fish Big Gravel Big Jeezus Truck Big Mark & The Blues Expres Big Phatty Big Sugar BigMuff Bill Puddle Billions And Billions Of Stars Billy and the Lost Boys Billy Moon Billy Talent Bionic Bird Bishop Bishop & Masse Bishop Allen Bitter Delores Bitter Flesh Thing Black Cabbage Black Pearl Blackburn Blackeyes Blackfly Blaise Pascal Blanche BLASTERNAUT Blaxam Bleeker Ridge Blind Otis and the Lost Highway Blinker The Star Blinki Blisterine Blue Bullet Skater Blue Mountain Blue Room Blue Skies At War Bluebird bluechannelfun Blued Blues Underdog Blurtonia Bob Buckridge Bob Egan Bob The Singing Bass Player Bobby Cameron Bobcat Gray Bodega Bogdan Raczynski Boom Bap Project borisworld Boss Grunions Bossanova Bottleneck Boy Wonder Boyce’s Road Bozo Porno Circus Brad Stella Brad Yoder Braintoy Brandon Bliss Brandon Patton BrassMunk Brazz Tree Breach Of Trust Breaking Laces Brenda Kahn Brenda McMorrow Brennen Leigh Brent Palmer Brian Borcherdt Brian Byrne Brian MacMillan Brian Webb Brighton brilliantfish Britt Black Brooke Fox BROOMFILLER Brothers Chaffey Brown Brown Eyed Susans Bruiser Brody Brundlefly Brut 33 BTK Bucker Bucket Truck Buckra Bucktooth Johnson Buddha Crush Bullmoose Bullyproof Bunchofuckingoofs Bunny Brown Burn Disco Burn Burning Brides Burnthe8track Butch Ross Butta Babees Butterfly Joe By Divine Right Bystander C’Mon c64 Cadillac Bill & The Creeping Bent Cafeine Camera Cameron Dobb Camilla Mills Canteen Knockout Cara Luft Career Suicide carey-cox Carl Henry Carlos del Junco Carlos Morgan Carolyn Mark Casey Marshall Cassis Castle Oldchair Castle Project Catburglaz Catlow Celtic Offspring Central Park West Cesar Comanche Chalk “Champagne Boys ” Champion Sprout Chanka Chank Rustbelt Cajun/Zydeco Chantal Chantal Thompson Charlie Chesterman Charlie Drown Charlie Major Charlie Sohmer Charlotte Johansen Charly Buss Charmer Cheap Suits Checkmate Cheerleader Cheri Knight Cherrybomb Cherrypickers Cheticamp Chicklet Chickpea Chino Chloe Chore Chris Armstrong Band Chris Bottomley Chris Chown Chris County and The Invalids Chris Field Chris Harrington Chris Knight Chris Ladd Chris Lord Ideal Chris Picco Chris Seldon Chris Staig Chris Tait Chris Warren Christine Fellows Chrome Yellow Co. Chronic Overboogie cicero Cicero Buck Cinderpop Cities In Dust Citizen Kane City And Colour CJ Sleez & The STD’s ClabberGirl Claire Jenkins Avec Band Clare Muldaur Manchon & the Reasons Clark the Band Clarknova Clas Classified Claudia’s Cage Clay Clay Tyson Clayton Denwood Cleavage Clementine Clifton David Clockwork Closed Caption Radio Clothes Make The Man clover honey Clown Jerks Coal Cocha Marka Cocktail Revolution Cocktaillica CoCo Brown Coco Love Alcorn Codex Codfather & The Poachers Colin Linden Collin Seals Collizhun of Nefarius Color Common Thrill controller.controller Convertible Jennifers Cookie Cookie Duster Cooper Thomson Corb Lund Band Corduroy Leda Cormac Cory CoStar Cougar Party Courtney Wing Crack City Rockers Craig Cardiff Crappy The Clown Show Crash 13 CRASH KELLY Crazy Jane Critikill Crowd 9 Crown Jewels Crowned King Crows Feet Crush Crush Luther Cuff The Duke Culture Bandits Cura Cy Scobie Cyclefly Cynthia Hallett Cynthia Lin CYR Cyrus D. Rangers D.U.N. Deal Da Grassroots Daddy Daisy Dale Boyle And The Barburners Dale Nikkel Dallas Damhnait Doyle Damn The Diva Dan Bryk Dan Goldman Dan Holt Dan Israel Dan Kibler Dana Cerick & S.T.F.U. Dana Edmonds Dandi Wind Dan-e-o Danian VIckers Daniel Ghattas Daniel Powter Danielle French Danielle Miraglia Danko Jones Danny Michel Darp Malone das macht SHOW! Dave Dub Dave Fischoff Dave Ghetto Dave King And Da’Jamokes Dave Teichroeb David Leask David Picco David Porteous Davis Coen Dead By Dawn Dead City Rockers Deadbolt Zen Deaf Kevin Dean Drouillard Deanna Varagona Death From Above Death In Graceland Deb Talan Debaser Deborah Bartley Debra Alexander Declan Nine Decoy Dee Defence Andrew Delta 88 Delusional Deni Bonet Denis Moreau Band Denise James Derek Miller derek swain Derivation Despistado Detective Kalita Diamond Skin Diana Jones Dick Richards Diesel Doug And The Long Haul Truckers Dik Trickle Dillinja Directions Dirty Bird Discohesive Divine Earth Essence Divine Maggees DJ Elijah Bellyfish DJ Prime DJ Serious DJ Spinz DJ Tyger Dhula DJ Wood Django Haskings DL Incognito D-Monic vs Robb G Doc MacLean Doctor Dodge Fiasco Dollywatchers Dolo Dominik Donna Marchand Doosu Doug Norquay Douglas September Down With Webster Downbelows downshift Doyle Bramhall Dr. B. And The Healin’ Band Dr. Pop and the Noise Dr. Yellow Fever Drag Drew & The Amazing Sideshow Band Drive DRIVER Driveway Droids Attack drummer Drumplay D-Shade D-Sisive Dub Brothers Dub Ill Dundas Duotang Dust Radio Dwight Anderson dxcode Dynamite Club earrl Earthwurm Easily Amused East Of Eden Echo-Static Eden Ants Edie Carey Edward Tobin and the Kiev Konnektion EgoLillys El Chupacabra Electrashine Electric Lettuce Electrolite Eleni Mandell Elephant Band Eliza Wren Elizabeth Eliza-Jane Scott Elle ellen cherry Ellen Reid Elliott Brood Elvis ‘77 Elwood em Ember Swift Emerson John Emetrex Emily 13 Emily Jordan Emily LeRoux-Rutledge Emm Gryner Engine Enter The Haggis Eric Angus Whyte Eric Blakely eric corne & the erratics Eric Fresia Eric Ziegenhagen Erik Alcock Erin McKeown Erin Smith Band Erocktica Essex Court Eternia Ethan Daniel Davidson ETHER Ether Net evalyn parry Evelyn Forever everender Everything After Everything Now Eyes for Telescopes Facade Faceplant Fairmount Girls Faithdown Falconhawk Fan Modine Fascinoma Faster Miles Per Hour Fate Father Divine Fatski Fearless Vampire Killers Feeble Feed Feist Felix McTeigue Fembots Fiction Plane Fifth Season Fifty Diamond Rocks Final Four Fitzhugh and the Fanatics Five Blank Pages Five Horse Johnson Five O’Clock Shadow FIYAH Flangers Flashlight Flut Flux FLUXad FOCUSPULLER For the Mathematics Ford Pier Forty Piece Choir Four Square F
ourstar Frampton Brothers Frank Nevada Frankenstein Frantic City Fraser MacKenzie Free Agents Freeworm Freight Train Casanova Friday Morning’s Regret From Fiction Frontier Index Fuck Y’all Fulano de tal Full Nine Funderwear! Furnaceface Fuzz The World Fuzzminko Fuzzy Mathews Galloway & Luckett Galore Gammahoochee Gangster Politics Gash Gasoline Gauche Gayleen Froese Gazelle Gentleman Reg Geoff Abraham George Leach Getter Ghetto Concept Gigantis gilli moon Girl 77 Girl Nobody Girlpope Girls Gitano Gladyss Patches Glamour Puss Blues Band Glen Lewis Glen Phillips Glo G-Men God Made Me Funky Godzillah Golden Golden Lake Diner Gone Daddy Finch Goran Petrovic Gordon Vincent Grace Babies Graph Nobel Grassy Knoll and the Magic Bullit Greaser Great Lake Swimmers Greenfield Main Greg Dean Greg Hobbs Greg MacPherson Greg Milka Crowe Greg Wyard Gregg Lawless Grilled Grimace Love Grimskunk Grindig Grinspoon Groovelily Groovy Religion Guerrilla Funk Monster Guilt Trip Gut Shot Gym Class Heroes Gypsy Grass Hadrian’s Wall HafLife Hank Engel & The Hoosier Daddies Happy Bunny Hardcore Superstar Harmony Trowbridge Harrison Kennedy Hashbrown Havilah Hawaii Hayes Carll Headstrong Heartbreak Hill Heater Heather Morgan & The Company of Men Heathrow Hector Bone & The Peas Hector On Stilts Heed Hellbound 71 Helper Hennessey Henry And The Folk Hershel Savage & The American Flag Heston Rifle Hidden Cameras Hidell High Speed Chase HIghstreet Highway 13 Hinkley Hinterland Hoggboy Hol’fader Hollowphonic Holly Go Lightly Holly McNarland Holy Fuck Homestyle Honchie Honeysuckle Honor Among Thieves Hopewell & the Birds of Appetite Hostile Takeover Hot Little Rocket Hot Springs Hotel House Doctors Howie Beck Hubcap Hugh Cornwell Hugh Dillon Hummer Hunter Valentine Hurst Hush Hush hydrofoil Hyptonic I Can Put My Arm Back On You Can’t I/O Idiots! Idle Sons If Man Is Five Iffy IGMO ilana zarankin ILL SCARLETT Imaginary Bill Immaculate Machine Impure Incandescent Bliss Machine inchWORM Infinite Infinite Number of Sounds In-Flight Safety Inner City Surfers Insurgent Introspect inUniform Inward Eye IRS Isadora Ivana Santilli J. Mann J.D. Beard J.P. Wasson Band Jack Breakfast Jack Potential Jack Tripper Jackson Sanitorium Jai Agnish Jake & The Blue Midnights James Bryan Jamestown Jamie Browning Jamie Oakes Jamie Watling Jani Lauzon Jar Jason Bajada Jason Collett Jason Fowler Jason Prine Jaww Jax Jay Clark And The Jones Jay Harris Band Jazz Pharmacy Jazzberry Ram jbb, The Johnsons Big Band Jeen O’Brien Jeffrey Gaines Jelo Jengurl Jenifer Aubry Jenifer McLaren jenn mierau Jenna G Jennie DeVoe Jennie Stearns Jennifer Foster Jenny Whiteley Jeremy Fisher Jeremy Mimnagh Jeremy Robinson Jerome Godboo Jerry & The Final Thoughts Jerrycan Jess Klein Jesse Harris & The Ferdinandos Jessica Rhaye Jettison Red Jewel In The Mire JFK & The Conspirators Jia Harlow Jill Barber Jill Zmud Jim Bryson Jim Guthrie Jimmy Allen’s Ant Farm Jinx Titanic Jodi Shaw Joe Fournier Joe Lapinski Joel Cage Joel Kroeker Joel Plaskett Joey Keithley / J.O.E. John Borra Band John Eccleston John Mars John Southworth John Washburn & The Wayward Saints John Wesley Harding & The Radical Gentlemen Johnny Clueless Johnny Dowd Johnny El Camino Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra Johnny Revolting Jolie Rickman Jon Brooks Jon Cornwall Jon Levine Band Jon Raven Band Jonasson Jonathan Seet Jonny James Jordi Rosen Jory Nash Josh Bramhall Josh Joplin Josh Martinez Josh Rouse Joy Joydrop JP Hoe & the Truly Richards Jughead Jugular (The Human Beat Box) Jukejoint julia othmer Julianna Raye Julie Crochetiere Julie Kryk Julie Mack Jully Black Junction Creek June Junetile Junior Boys Junior Pantherz junk tv Junkyard Symphony Justin Bunn Justin Mikulka K’naan Kaliroots Karen Novy Karma Karyn Ellis Kat Goldman Kat Rocket Kate Maki Katherine Wheatley Kathleen Edwards Kathrin Shorr Kathryn Rose Kathy Fleischmann Kathy Phippard Katiya Borlant Katoorah Jayne Kayla Luky KC & the Moonshine band Keith Adams Kelly & The Kellygirls Ken Dirschl Kenny Smilovitch Kevin Gill Kevin Hearn & Thin Buckle Kevin Quain & The Mad Bastards Kevin Welch Kick In The Eye Kickin’ Red Rooster Kidnapped Heiress Kids On TV Kids These Days Kill Hannah Kim Bingham Kim Cole Kim Deschamps Kim Doolittle Kim Wright Kimberly Bass King Cobb Steelie King Konqueror Kingbrand Valium Kinkster Kinnie Starr Kinship Kirsten Jones Kirsten Thien Kittie Kiva Kiwi Lip Bomb Knacker Knifey Moloko Knocked Out Loaded Kobayashi Koogaphone K-OS Krister Axel Kristy Thirsk Kulas Kuma Kuroda Kurt Swinghammer Kyle Rhodes Kym Brown Kyn Kyp Harness Kyree Vibrant And The Vibrant Lounge L’Attack Lach Laika & The Cosmonauts Larry O. Dean Last Conservative Laudanum 8 Laura Hubert Laura Peek and The Winning Hearts Laura Repo and The Blue Healers Laurianne Fiorentino Lavish Layah Jane Lazarazu Lazlo Lee Van Leer Leela Gilday Leeroy Stagger Left Pencey LEI Leiana Leni Stern Lenni Jabour & The Third Floor Lennie Harrington Les Architekts Les Sans Culottes Les Séquelles Les Six Leslie Alexander Leviride Li’l Buck Libertine Liberty Justice & The Nevada Hustlers Liesl’s Wet Dress Lights On Likewater Lily Frost Linda Duemo Linda Maruta Linda McLean Lindi Lingua Franca Liquified Lisa Hunter Lisa Patterson LIsa Patterson With Strings Attached Little Crazy White Guy Little Miss Moffat Live Girlz LIVID Lizband Lizzy Ray + 72 Blues Lo Kreepaz Load Local Heroes Local Rabbits Loco Locos Bravos Lodown Lonehawk Lonesome Bob Lonesome Heroes Longwave Loomer Loraxx Lori Cullen Lorna Vallings Lorraine Segato Lorrie Matheson Los Diablos Lotbiniere Loudlove Lounge Act Lourds Lovage Lowest of The Low Lucie Idlout Lucky 57 Luke Doucet Luke Duke Lunar Plexus Lush Budgett Lush N’ Spice Luther Wright & The Wrongs Luxury Christ Lyft Lyn Cala MacKenzie Mad Trucker Gone Mad Madd Scientists Madrid Madviolet Maelee Whitman Maëry Lanahan Magdalene Magneta Lane Major Matt Mason USA Malajube Mambo Urbano Manafest Mani Khaira Maplewood Lane Marah Marco Solo Marjorie Fair Mark Aaron James Mark Bragg & The Black Wedding Band Mark Browning Mark Geary Mark Islam Mark Kleiner Power Trio Mark McCarron Mark Perak Mark Petersen Mark Reeves Mark Ripp & The Confessors Mark Weinstock & The Magic Stuff Market Markus Marlowe Marni Levitt Marnie Boyd Marnie Mains Marshall Tully Martin Posen Martin Tielli Martina Sorbara Marvel Marvel & Solitair Mary Simon Marynka Masia One (M1 Academy) Mathematik Matisse & The Playground Matt Ellis Matt Masters & The Gentlemen Of The Rodeo Matt Mays & El Torpedo Matthew Barber & The Union Dues Matthew James Murphy Matthew Jay Matthew Lee Max Woolaver & Digby Ravens Maximum RNR Maxyne Maya Solovey Maybe Smith Maybrick Mayor McCa MC Bandit MC Trajady McCarthyizm Me And My Bones Mean Red Spiders Meat The Cleavers Mecca Normal Medium Meg Lunney Megan Slankard Melissa Bathory Melissa Giges Mellonova Melting Pot Melvin Melwood Cutlery Memory Bank Memphis Men In Kilts Mental Chaos Mercir Meredith Shaw Merkury Burn Merlin Mersey Mexican Cession Mia Dyson Mia Sheard Mia Verko Michael Brennan Michael Chase Michael Clarke Michael Dutton Michael Jantz Michael Jerome Brown Michael Johnathon Michael Johnston Michael Knott Michael Maxwell Michael O’Connell Michael Oliver and Go, Dog. Go! Michael Pokrovsky Michaela Foster Marsh Michal the Girl Michelle Rasky Michelle Rumball Michie Mee Midnight Mojo Mikabomb Mike Alviano Mike Brennan & Dave Tufford Mike Clark Mike Control Mike Errico Mike Evin Mike Lynch Jr. Mike O’Neill Mike Previti Mike Rosenthal Mike Trebilcock Mila Drumke Millions of Cats That Turned On Their Masters Milton Mapes Mind of a Squid Mindbender MINTband Minx Mir Miranda MIranda Stone Miss Crabtree Mitch Willer Mobile Mocean Worker Model Children Modern Stories Mohenjo Daro Mojo Grande Molly Molly’s Reach Mollycoddle Mommy Monarch Brothers moneen Money Money Monolith Montag Montana Matthews and Nevada Brown mood ruff Moodroom Mooney Suzuki Moonlight Graham Moonraker MORE More Plastic Morris Air Moses Mayes Motelli Skronkle Mothertrain Motion Movies W
ith Heroes MOXIEstarpark Mozart’s Rage Mr. Brown Mr. Henry m-strain MugShot Mung Murder Squad t.o. Mushroomhead Music For Mapmakers My Beating Heart My Dear Heretic My Life My Pet Genius Myagi Myracle Brah Mysterio Mystery Machine Nadjiwan Nancy Pretty Nassau Nasty On Nathan Nathan Coles Outfit Nathan Lawr Nathan Wiley Nathan’s Flat National Anthem National Dust Navar Near Neck Needy Fingers Nefarius Neil Leyton Neil Traynor Neilson Hubbard Nero New Invisible Joy Nice Cat Nicholas Barnes Nicole Dueck Night Sun Nightshift Blues Band Nikki Loney & Justin Abedin nikki talley Nimbus Nine Mile Nini Camps NLX: Natasha Alexandra No Deluxe Nothing No Luck Club Noisegate Nonie Crete Band NorthSideSound Not By Choice Novillero NQ Arbuckle Nude101 nuginduck Nummmb… NYCSmoke Obscure Disorder OBSIDIAN Oddities Odin Red Off the International Radar Offsides O-Fresh Oh No Not Stereo Oh Susanna OK Cobra Old Reliable oldmandog Oliver Twiggins Oliver Black ON On A Dare Oneshot Onli Orbit OttO Vector OUI.73 Outrageous Cherry Ox Ozfrankie p.i.c. Pablum Pagan Mary Paintbox Pal Joey Pamela Means pan/tone Panic Coast Pantychrist Panurge Paper Moon Paperbacks Paranoid Lovesick Parkas Parker Parkside Jones Pat Guadagno Patrizia Paul Burch & WPA Ballclub Paul Cargnello paul emery and the dickens Paul Freeman Paul Grady Paul James Berry Paul Kelly Paul Kotheimer Paul Loves Pudding Paul Myers Paul Reddick and the Sidemen Peaches Peacock Pedestrian Peking Turtle Pepper Sands Perforator PermaFrost Pete O’Connell Peter Calo Peter Elkas Peter Hofmann And Action Over Time Peter Katz Peter Mulvey Peter Salett Peter Verity pH10 Phaser Phat Conductor PHATT al Phattoe Pigeon-Hole Pilate Pimp Pimpadelic Pin Plasma Blast Plastic Bag Plasticine Pleasant Stitch Pleasure Void Plumtree Pluto Pocket Dwellers Poison Aeros Policies & Procedures polmo polpo Pony Up! Pony? Poorfolk Poppy Seed & The Love Explosion Orchestra Populuxe Pornstar Possum Poster Children Poxy P-Plus Precious Little Pretty Flowers Pretty Green Machine Prhyme Suspek Priestess Primary Shapes priya thomas Project 9 Project Wyze Promenade Psycho Charger Psycho Key Psychopathos Psy-Funk Puddy Puerto Muerto Punch Drunk Monkeys Punchbuggy Pup Put The Rifle Down Quagmyre Quasar Wut-Wut Queen Bee Jackson Queen Size S.H.A.G. Quick Shot Paulo Quietdrive Quincy Gold Quinzy R.B. Morris Race Rachel Gaudry Rachel Kane Radiate Radio 2069 Radioblaster Radiogram Rae Billing Rainmen Raisanbag Raised By Swans Raising The Fawn Ralph Boyd Johnson Rambler 454 Random Killing Raoul & The BIg Time Raquy and the Cavemen Raskin Ratsicule Ray Robinson Ray Wylie Hubbard Rayburns Rayovaq Reason Disappears Rebecca Campbell Rebecca Timmons Recoilers Red Autumn Fall Red Elvises Red Letter Day Red Life Red Light Rippers Red Orkestra Red Pill Theory redhotred RedSuedeRed Reels Reem Rees Shad Band Reese ReflectioStack Reid Jamieson Relish Remake Remodel Renann Republic Resinators Reuben James Rev. Right Time & The 1st Cuzins Of Funk Revenge of the Egg People Rex Hobart & Rhudabega Rhume Rhymestone Rhythmicru Ribcage Rich London Richard Burnett & The Broken Heroes Richard Julian Rick & The Biscuits Rick Temporao & The New Low Rides Again Ridley Bent Riff Randells Rikoshay Riot 99 Ripcordz Rise Electric Ritalin Milkshake Roach Motel Rob Reynolds Rob Skane Rob Szabo Robb Roy Robbie Roth Robert Burton Hubele Robert Walker Robert Wilson Robi Robin Black Robyn Dell’unto Robyn Pauhl Rochester aka Juice Rockboy Rocket Science Rocketface RockFour Rodeo Boy Roller Rollerphone ROM & The Bomb Rome 56 Romeo Liquor Store Romi Mayes Romy Dada Ron Hawkins Ron Hawkins & Rusty Nails Ron Hester Ron Sexsmith Rory Lavelle Rosalee Peppard Rosavelt Roses in the Snow Royal City Royal Winnipeg Porn Orchestra Royal Wood Royals Royer’s One Man Band RPO Rubber Snake Rubberhed Rubberman Ruby Drake Rudeboy Rudimental RUMSFIELD Rupert Baker Ruth Minnikin Ruth’s Hat Ruthann Springle Ryan David S.F.A. S.G Sinnicks S.H.A.R.(O).N. backed by FUSION S.S. Cardiacs Sabotabby SaddleSores Said And Done Salamander Tales Salmonblaster Salt Peter Sam Andreyev Sam Lawrence 5 Sam Roberts Sam Turton San Citrus Sandra Flores Sandy Rogers Sara J Sarah Harmer Sarah McCully Satina Saturnina Satsuma Saving Ray Scott B. Sympathy Scott Eagan Scott McLoughlin Scott Nolan Band Scotty Campbell Scratch Scratching Post Screamin Black Cadillacs Scruj Sean Brown Sean Macdonald & The Gentlemen Secret Army SEeKing Dawn Seela Seis Pistos Sekiden Selina Martin Sepiatone Serena Ryder Serial Joe Serotonin Seth Seven Sewing With Nancie Sex Slaves Shaftdrive Shaker Shane Anthony Shane Simpson Shanghai Lili Shangrila Shannon Lyon Shannon Weir Shannon Wright Sharpkid Shasta Jade shawn hewitt Shawn Mullins Shelley King Band Sherri Coates Shesus Shifter Shifty Shikasta Shinen Shortfall Shout Out Out Out Out Showroom Shrinking Violets Shrug Shy Child Shyne Factory Siân Evans Sianspheric Sick Fits Sid Six Sifter SIG’s RANSOM Silent Spring Silver Boy! Silverboy Silversun Pickups Simon Wilcox Simple Plan Simpletons Sin City Boys Sin City Injectors Sincere Trade Sinclaire Sinde Kise Sinkin’ Ships Sioen SIR Sister Someone Sit n’ Spin Sixty Six Kicks Skarlet O’hara Skinhorse SKIPTRACE Skitz Skydiggers Slan SLAVE to the SQUAREwave Slaves on Dope Sleazy Cherub Sleeper Set Sail Sleepwalkers Union Sleepy Atlantis sleepybird Slideshow Slit Slot Slowburn Sludge Slye Smokey Witt Smokin’ With Superman Smokstik Smoother Snakehips Snapdragons Snowblind So So Human Soap Opera Sodajerk Soft Canyon Soho Kitchen SoJay Sol Solarbaby Soma Mestizo Sometimes Why Son of Dave Songdog Songs: Ohia Sonia Collymore & Leejahn Sonification Sonipath Sonny Sixkiller Sons Of Daughters Soul Dwellas Souljah Prophets Sound Mind Southpaw Space Elevator Space Team Electra Spackle Sparlha Swa Specifics Speed Crazy Speed Orchid Spider Nick and The Maddogs Spill Spiral Beach Spitfires & Mayflowers Splitsville SPOOKEY RUBEN Sprawl Square Root Of Margaret Squirm Squirrel Stacey Board Stagger Stagger Crawl Staggered Crossing Stampede Queen Starling Starvin Hungry Starving Friday State of Blake State of Shock Station Twang Stella Brown Stella Luna Step Kings Steph Pappas Stephen Foster Stephen Hogg Stereotyperider Steve August Steve Haflidson Steve Hill Steve Ketchen and the Kensington Hillbillys Steve Poltz Steve Singh Steven Dall Sticky Rice Stiffed Stirling Stone Idols Stool Stop Die Resuscitate Storm Without Cease Strange Angels Stratochief Strawberry Strawman Stuntman Stutter Subliminal Subsally Subtractor Sue de Nym Sue Medley Sufjan Stevens Sugah J. Philips Sugarbush Sugarkill Sully Sum 41 SummerHero Sundogs Sunriser Super XX Man Superdrag superGARAGE Superhalo Suran Song In Stag Surface Surface To Sound Susan Toney Susi Hyldgaard Susie Arioli Swing Band Suzanne Wilson SuZie McNeil (jackrabbit) Swamp Diggers Swamperella Swearing At Motorists Sweener Swizzle Syd Sylvania Sylvie Symbolik Music Sync Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy Taksi Rider Tal Bachman Talking To Animals Tallisman The Mystic Linguisticz Tamara Williamson Tammy Faye Starlite & The Angels of Mercy Tammy Rogers Tandy Tangiers Tanis Tanyss Nixi & The Angry Mob Tariq Tash Tawnya LoRae Taxi Chain Taylor Bryon Taylored Techno-Squid Eats Parliament Tele Telejet Temper Templo Diez Temptress Ten Dollars Happier Ten Words For Snow Tenspeed Terry Hart Tetrezene THC The 19.5 Collective (NPFC) The 360 Foundation The 4-Star Movie The 78’s The A Cups The Acid Test The Adam Brown The Afterbeat The Amber Estate The Arsoncityscape The Articles the Ashgrove The Asteroid #4 The Atomic Numbers The Attics the backstabbers country stringband The Band From Planet X The Bangers The Barmitzvah Brothers The Barrymores The Beautiful Truth The Beauty Myth The Bedsit Poets with Joe Mannix the Bella Bombs The Bicycles The Big Three “The Binge ” The Bison Burns The Black Swans The Bloody Mannequins The Blue Seeds The Bonaduces The Booda Velvets The Botswanas The Brat Attack The Bravado The Brooks Sisters The Brothers Cosmoline The Brothers Groove the BROWN HORNETS The Buck Dewey Big Band
The Buicks The Burdocks The Camaromance The Cameron Family Singers The Candidates The Capones The Caribbean The Carnations The Cartels The Cash Brothers The Champions The Changes The Cherry Persuasion The Class Assassins The Cliks The Clips The Coast Guard The Colour Of Soul The Commons The Confessionals The Constantines The Conversation The Convulsions The Corn Sisters w. Neko Case The Corporation The Cosmic All-Stars The Co-stars the creaking tree string quartet The Crockodiles The Curfew The Curtain The Dave Murphy Band “The Dawn Tyler Blues Project ” The Daybreak The Dead Reckoners The Dead Satellites The Deadly Snakes The Dears The Dent The Desert Fathers The Dinks The Dino Martinis The Dirtmitts The Dirty Sanchez Brothers The Disaster Scout The District The Donnellys The Dope Poet Society The Drapes The Dudes The Dunes The Dupes The Echo Hunters the exchanges The Falkin Blues The Fallout The Farrell Bros. The Fifth Wheel The Flairs The Flashing Lights The Flints The Floor The Flow The Forms The Formula The Frank & Walters The Frenetics The Front The Fullblast The Gardens Faithful THE GEARS The Gelatin Boys The Getaway The Glad Yeah The Golden Dogs The Golden Seals The Good The Goods The Granola People The Grates The Hammers The Harlots The Hassle The Haymakers the Heck The Heelwalkers the HELLZ kitchen SHOW The Henrys The Hermit The Hibakusha the High Dials The Hightones The Hitchers The Holiday Snaps The Holidays The Honeydogs The Honky Twats The Housemarys The Hundred The Hurtin’ Unit The Illuminati The Immigrants the Ingham County Regulars The Intended The Jack Kerouac Knapsack Band The Jane Waynes The Jills The Jim Bravo Dimension The Jimmystuarts The Jonah Stone The Juan Valdez Love Machine The Junction The Kevin Fox Band The Kieran Ridge Band The Kingpins The Kingsnakes The Kramdens The Ladies And Gentlemen The Lassue Yous The Last Show The Laws The Leaderhouse The Lincoln County Social Club The Little Pilgrims The Liz Tansey Band The London Apartments The Lorrainas The Lost Cause The Lost Patrol The Lost Tricks The Lovedaddys The Lovely Feathers The Luddites The Ludes The Lyndales The Mahones The Marble Index The Mark Inside The Marlowes The Martians The Matadors The McKrells The Meligrove Band The Mercurymen The Metalunas The Michael Pickett Band The Midways The Millionaires The Milwaukees The Miniatures The Minipops The Mittens The Molestics The Monoxides The Most Serene Republic The Mummble Ducks The Nein The Neutron Stars The New The New Deal The New Duncan Imperials The Nice Outfit The Nines The Nobs The Novaks The Nth digri The Nubile Thangs The Nugget Brothers The Old Ripper The Old Soul The Orchid Highway The Organ The Outfit The Pageant The Pangea Project The Pariahs The Parkdale Hookers The Password The Patients The Paula Kelley Orchestra The Pendletons The Perpetrators The Phoids The Pilgrims The Pills The Piranha Brothers The Planet Smashers The Plastic Folk The Platonic Shadows The Pocket Co. 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