The quest for Chinese Democracy

I think we might just possibly see democracy take root in China before we will see “Chinese Democracy” the perpetually “coming soon” new album by the Axl Rose-only Guns & Roses. The latest drama in this ongoing saga is Sanctuary Records Group CEO Merck Mercuriadis and his crticism of a New York Times article on the reason behind the album’s perpetual delays. You can read the New York Times article Success, excess and a music industry phantom first and then Mercuriadis’ response via Blabbermouth here. This album better be the rock record to end all rock records or it will end up being considered “The Phantom Menace” of rock and roll.


  1. It’s hard to understand why anyone even cares about Axl Rose any more, since he hasn’t been relevant as an artist for years. It seems like he’s just become a tabloid personality, famous for nothing more than his crass behavior and the album that, as you said, is perpetually “coming soon.” The only difference between him and Paris Hilton these days is that Axl actually had some talent once upon a time.

  2. Axl is a gregt singer i think there new album will be greagt so they spit up. yher, scks but it made the band Velvet Revolver and if they spilt up i would be pissed to so keep two good bands insted of one.

  3. hi
    everything do it guns n’ roses group , old or new,i’ts very good for me .

  4. Axl is GOD!

    This album will be the greatest GN’R album ever…

    I just listened to Chinese Democracy, Rhiad and the Bedhouins, and The Blues…

  5. I bet the people who hate Axl will be the first to buy his new release. If not, why then are you spending time worrying about it. Rock on Axl!! Your talent rules!! Chinese Democracy will be worth waiting for. You have nothing to prove to anybody! Just give those of us who love you the rhythem of your voice!!!

  6. Guns is rumoured to finally throw their long awaited album to the market, I’ve read somewhere that VR is going to issue its next album. All I know it’s going to be a good year for rock music and rock fans! Laurens, Jakarta

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