The Reality of Music Lists

I apologize for forgetting where I saw this link (extremely poor blog etiquette I agree) but the New York Times has an interesting piece on the reality of creating a “best of” music list (subscription required). Granted a music list is subjective and is not the best reflection of what people actually listen to and I agree with the author’s assertion that people often list the albums they think they should list but isn’t that part of the fun of reading these lists? They are canon fodder for the metal fan arguing with the punker. The “wish I was a hippie” fan arguing with the sunshine pop fanatic. Everybody knows that these “best of” lists are a crock but the whole point of them is to rip them apart. I mean, we all know that “Road Apples” by The Tragically Hip is the best album of all time and the High Dials are better than the Beatles and the Kinks. Aren’t they?