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The Rebel Reviewer Checks Out EndeverafteR

What can I say about these guys? I was still busy trying to sort out the awesomeness that was StoneRider and then these guys hit the stage. I was hoping for a shitty band just so I could go relax and seriously start drinking but no way could I do that with these guys on stage.

I thought for sure with StoneRider being as good as they were, there had to be a dud in between them and Airbourne, but no man. Endeverafter, still in support of their 2007 album “Kiss or Kill”, pulled off a tight set of non-typical L.A. hard rock/metal which had fists pumpin, hair flippin and drool running down the chins of most of the women in the venue. Their quarry? Michael Grant, the chiseled lead guitar/vocalist, minus the leather jacket. Now just cuz the guy looks good, doesn’t mean the band sucks. Ya gotta get that outta yer head… and it’s easy. Close yer eyes and just fuckin LISTEN. Halfway through their set some dickless piece of shit booed them and started yelling for Airbourne. The best move I’ve ever seen said it all and commanded a huge cheer from the appreciative crowd when bassist Tommi Andrews looked over at the guy and flipped him the bird a good long one… I was too busy cheering him on to snap a photo. Check out their web site and give their shit a spin cuz chances are, you’re gonna like it.

Rebel Reviewer