Record Labels

The Record Label Spotlight is on: Dionysus Records

One of my favourite past times is searching out cool record labels. Yes they do exist! As a matter of fact, they have reinforced my belief that there is a ton of great music being made today that we never get to hear about because of the current “BIG 5” record label monopoly (that is not to say that there is no good music made on the BIG 5, there is and I’ll talk about it, it’s just that it is often hidden in the far corners of the BIG 5s catalog with little or no support behind it, just ask Wilco). Not only is there great music being made now, there was some great stuff being made in the past that you might never have heard about. Until now. Part of the reason for starting “The Rock and Roll Report” as you may have guessed by now, is sharing these discoveries with whomever might stumble across this little niche on the ‘net. And there is no better example than the Dionysus Records “Empire.” I have talked about Orange Sky Records in a past post but I want to bring you up to speed on the rest of their offerings. They include Dionysus Records, the Bacchus Archives and Hell Yeah Records. Offering everything from records from bands that “sounded like they walked out of a mid-60s time warp” to “over-the-edge modern punk” Dionysus offers a real treasure trove of great sounds and cool fun. Jump in and buy, buy, buy! There will definitely be something there to tickle your fancy. Let the adventure begin!