The Return of KSAN Part 2

Hot on the heels of my post on former personnel from the legendary KSAN FM preparing their new Moonlight Groove Highway radio show comes news that the current oowners of the late KSAN’s call letters 107.7 The Bone are preparing to unleash the KSAN call letters on the rock and roll world once again. Barabara Flaska of Flaskaland forwarded me the following press release:

(*107.7 THE BONE)

(SAN FRANCISCO  November 30, 2004)  Beginning this Sunday evening, December5, the spirit of the legendary rock ‘n roll underground radio station KSAN returns to the airwaves. For three hours each Sunday night, 107.7 The Bone (KSAN) will not only revive the call letters KSAN, but the wacky unpredictability of the country¹s original underground station too. 
Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame deejay Tom Donohue opened KSAN as one of the first free form FM rock radio stations in the country in June 1967, the summer of love. Frank Zappa called KSAN "the hippest of all radio stations." 
"At 9 p.m. on Sundays, it will be as if we¹ve flipped a switch from 107.7 The Bone’s  ‘Classic Rock that Rocks¹ to the underground radio style reminiscent of KSAN," said program director Larry Sharp. "It¹s going to surprise a lot of people."   
Two shows will hit the airways: ³Selvin on the City² with Joel Selvin from 9 p.m. until 10 p.m. and ‘Little Steven¹s Underground Garage’ from 10  p.m. until Midnight.   

‘Selvin on the City’ will be produced from show host Joel Selvin¹s Potrero Hill basement record library, which contains more than 25,000 albums and 15,000 singles, along with thousands of CDs, videos, tapes and memorabilia. The Selvin Collection is known around the world as a library of pop music. Look for special guests and a steady diet of musical treasures in future ‘Selvin On the City’ sessions, such as his collection of tracks recorded at the Fillmore, lost interviews, as well as recordings that never appeared on albums and much more. (December schedule follows.)
Selvin, who has covered pop music for the S.F. Chronicle since 1970, has also written eight books on the subject, including an award-winning biography of Ricky Nelson and his best-selling account of the "60s S.F.rock scene, ‘Summer of Love.’ His top-rated radio show, ‘Selvin On the City,’ was first broadcast on KKCY-FM (‘The City’), but has been missing from the airwaves for the past 18 years.                                                                     
‘Little Steven’s Underground Garage,’ which debuted on April 7, 2002, launched with 20 affiliates and has grown to 112 affiliates in 138 markets across the United States and Canada. Host Steven Van Zandt is a well-known musician, songwriter and record producer, performing as a founding member of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band as well as with his own band, Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul. He also appeared on the hit series ‘The Sopranos.’   

‘Selvin on the City’ shows in December: 
December 5: ‘Endless Jams’ — Lengthy informal jam sessions from rare albums and CD boxed sets including Van Morrison and John Lee Hooker, Derek and the Dominoes, Santana, the Sun Records ‘Million Dollar Quartet,’ and, of course,the Grateful Dead.   

December 12: ‘Journey Super Jam’ –A 1978 live radio special that never aired — plus studio outtakes never before heard — recorded in San Francisco with Journey and special guests Tom Johnston of the Doobie Brothers, the Tower of Power horns and Jo Baker and Annie Sampson of Stoneground.   

December 19: ‘Christmas Records’ — The Selvin Collection has huge drawers full of Christmas records, many little known and obscure gems.   

December 26:  ‘Year-End’ — A year of record reviewing yielded a lot of great tracks that didn¹t make it to the top of the charts or radio station playlists.   


  1. I was checking some tour dates for Elvin Bishop, and ran accross and entry about Ms. Baker indicating she died in 1996 of some kind of liver ailment.

    The first LP’s I bought were a couple of Elvin albums with her as lead singer, great singer.

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