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The Right Side of Weird: Cool and Strange Music Magazine

Today I introduce to you The Right Side Of Weird. The Right Side Of Weird will highlight something that is, well weird, that I thinks is cool. Now, the relationship between weird and rock and roll is well established (listened to any Captain Beefheart lately?) but this is one segment that might veer from the rock and roll path every once in awhile because it’s not just about rock and roll but relax! I’ll try to keep it connected to rock ‘n’ roll in some tangential way as much as I can. Today I introduce to you a really cool magazine called Cool and Strange Music Magazine. Bizarre, funny and certainly strange, this is a very cool, very weird read. A quarterly magazine that features “’Incredibly Strange Music,’ Exotica, Space Age Bachelor Pad, Lounge, Swing, Surf, Comedy, Electronic, and offbeat LP covers” this is one of those magazines that might turn you into a raving lunatic record collector who insists on collecting only ‘50s era jazz records with pictures of fish on them. If you see it on the magazine racks grab a copy. If not you can order it from their web site. This is a really cool way to spend some time when you’re not listening to rock and roll and need to fire up your synapses with a jolt of musical madness. And I thought Frank Zappa was weird! Have a great weekend everybody.