The Right Side Of Weird: Tiki Madness

Aloha everybody. Welcome to this week’s exotic episode of The Right Side of Weird. Today we enter the cool, exotic world of Tiki so grab your Mai Tai and keep up with the group! The first thing to do is tune into a radio station like Tiki Zine Radio to put you in the mood. Perhaps a Polynesian cocktail would help as well? Tiki culture (or Tiki/Polynesian Pop as some people call it) simplistically put is the collection and enjoyment of those things inspired by those Polynesian bars and restaurants like Trader Vics that were extremely popular from about the late ‘40s to the early ‘70s. In Montreal we had the Kon Tiki which was an extremely tacky and therefore very cool restaurant that featured a waterfall when you walked in and a bridge that you used to cross over a little stream with tons of Koi fish. It was always darkly lit with tons of bamboo and I thought it was the coolest thing this side of the Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World (hey I was like 14 when this place closed!). Enthusiasts enjoy the cocktails, all kinds of home furnishings and décor, clothing and best of all the music. Space age, bachelor party, atomic lounge exotica, call it what you will the music is in my mind very cool and hip. I couldn’t listen to this everyday mind you but when you’re in the mood it is definitely fun. Start your journey at The Tiki Zone, The Tiki Room and Konakai. You can get all the latest news on Tiki News. Then hop over to Space Age Pop for your funky musical fix and relax, listen to the waves and the Hawaiian guitar melt into each other while you float off to another, better world. Then wake up and go to work! If this stuff really appeals to you pick up The Book of Tiki. The Cult of Polynesian Pop in Fifties America at Amazon and help support this site. Thanks.