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The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is Four Dead in Ohio

fourdead logoFOUR DEAD IN OHIO consist of Jakob Ohlen (vox,guitar), Stuart North (bass), Doug Mallett (guitar), and Rick Mckay (drums).

“Jesus Wont Dance In My High Heels / A Southern Man” was the first ever single release for both band and record label on the brand spanking new YOYO ACAPULCO. Recorded with top producer Mark Wallis (The La’s, U2) the band conjured up a truly epic debut single which matches the bands breath-taking live show.

The next release “Taste Like The Good Love” was a download only release that included the rare demo track ‘’Caught A Ride’’

FOUR DEAD IN OHIO formed in September 2007 through a love of Interpol, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Doors, The Verve, Syd Barrett and Soulwax.

** In just under two years the band have toured up and down the UK and Europe alongside likes of The Raveonettes, The Duke Spirit, Ladytron, The Datsuns, The Black Angels and The Warlocks.

In the summer of 2009 at London Hyde Park Calling, Four Dead In Ohio headlined the third stage which also featured the incredible Neil Young and Fleet Foxes.


“Fusing the epic shoe gazing-prowess of BRMC to the near mantra-like drone rock brilliance of the much missed Divisions of Laura Lee is a perfect idea on paper, but this band might as well poor lighter fuel over the paper, cos the sonic-side delivers so much more-ace tune, superb production, one’s to watch”

“With an impenetrable wall of screaming guitars over a loose and electrified rhythm section, Four Dead in Ohio’s debut “Jesus Won’t Dance in My High Heels” immediately claims a place in the canon of present-day psych-rock. Like The Warlocks, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or The Morning After Girls before them, Four Dead in Ohio cherrypick bits from the ’60s only to accent a completely modern style to great effect. Good times are ahead of them (and us) if this single is any indication.”

“Screaming guitars fuse with epic walls of sounds on this sharp debut”

Today I was Lucky to catch up with Doug this is what he had to say……

Today I would like thank the Rocking band Four Dead In Ohio for taking some time out to do this for us their Fans :o)

Welcome guys and before we start I just wanted to say You really do RAWK!!!! Wicked tunz’s guys :o)

Shaz: What’s the name of your band and what’s the origin of that name?

Four Dead in Ohio: This is taken from the Neil Young song “Ohio” which is about the Kent State shootings in the USA in 1970 where 4 students were shot by the US army in an anti-war protest.

Shaz: Could you please list the name, and respective instrument of each band member.

Four Dead: Jakob – vocals & guitar / Doug – guitar / Stu – bass / Captain Rick – Drums

Shaz: What genre of music do you consider your work to be and who are your major influences?

Four Dead: We could be described as psychedelic rock n roll. Some of our influences: The Doors / Dylan / Hendrix / Who / Stones / Johnny Cash / BRMC / The Strokes / Stone Roses / early Oasis / Fugazi / Electro / The Stooges / The Black Angels / Abba / Neil Young

Shaz: How did you guys meet and what was it that inspired you to become the Band you are today….

Four Dead: Jakob & Captain Rick have been friends for years, they met Stu & I in a kebab shop in London at 3am after a night out. We got talking about how bad the music scene is and decided to form a band, and here we are!

Shaz: Are you a member of any music organizations?

Four Dead: Only the band.

Shaz: What can you tell me about your instruments? (i.e., Are you subject to brand loyalty or will you play with whatever’s available? What made you choose the instruments you have now? Was it cost or was it a style/model/brand/color preference?

Four Dead: Well I use a black Gibson Les Paul, because it has a really fat sound and looks cool. Jakobs main guitar is a Gretch, Stu plays a Fender and Rick has Pearl drums. So no we don’t have any brand loyalty, it’s all about getting something that sounds good, suits your playing style, and looks good on you.

Shaz: Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?

Four Dead: We’ve done countless London shows, 2 UK tours, Ireland, France & Sweden, we also supported Neil Young in Hyde Park in London recently. We are currently booking more tour dates for the UK and Europe for this year, and we hope to get to the USA in early 2010. Finance permitting we would love to come to Australia & Japan as well. My favourite venue is La Maroquinerie in Paris, mainly because the crowd there is brilliant. My least favourite place would be a club we played in Rochdale (a small town near Manchester). There were more people working behind the bar than in the audience, the promoter drank all our beer before we arrived, everything about it was a joke. If you have ever seen the British comedy Phoenix Nights, this was the real life version.

Shaz: Who is it that sits down and writes your songs? Or is this a joint effort….

Four Dead: Jakob writes all the lyrics / melodies. The music varies, sometimes one of us comes in with an idea or instrumental and we work on it together, other times we just start jamming together and find a song that way.

Shaz: How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

Four Dead: The songs have got better and we have developed our own sound. Also we are much tighter as a band.

Shaz: What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

Four Dead: Financing recording & touring as we do not have any record company backing.

Shaz: What are your touring and recording plans?

Four Dead: Touring see above. We will be recording an EP soon, this will be released late this year / early 2010.

Shaz: What are your thoughts on rock and roll, and how would you define it?

Four Dead: I think rock n’ roll is difficult to describe, but maybe it is more about a feeling / attitude than a particular sound, and you have to mean it and believe in what you’re doing to be rock n roll. For example I wouldn’t describe Johnny Cash’s music as rock n roll but I think he was rock n roll. I don’t think there are many good rock n roll bands about at the moment, or if there are they are underground and I haven’t heard them yet.

Shaz: What is life like as a musician in the age of the Internet?

Four Dead: Financially it’s hard as not as many people buy music – a lot download it for free, so record companies don’t want to spend money on you, they expect you to build up a large fanbase on your own before they get involved. But the internet is great for promoting your music – we have fans all over the world in places we’ve never played – the USA /Mexico / Australia / NZ / Japan

Shaz: Whom and what inspires you guys, musically and otherwise?

Four Dead: Musically see above. Otherwise 80s films / Steven Gerrard / Chevy Chase / Terry Tibbs

Shaz: Which of your songs are you most proud of and why?

Four Dead: We’re proud of all of them, my current favourite is Hypnotic Psychotic because it is really trippy and doesn’t sound like anyone else. We haven’t released it yet so if you want hear it you’ll have to come to one of the shows.

Shaz: And last of all guys….What is the most way out thing that has ever happened to yous while playing a gig or on the road…….

Four Dead: We have a few incidents that happen on tour for example: one band member going AWOL in Derby the day before a recording session in London / being chased by the police / crashing the van / our van being clamped and towed away for parking in the wrong place / French and German fans trying to learn our band in-jokes (it sounds pretty funny with a French / German accent).

Shaz: Is there anything else you would like to add that we your fans would be keen to know about :o))

Four Dead: Check our music out if you like come to one of our shows. They are a bit different, we play in total darkness with our own visuals as a back-drop, and we run all the songs together to make a continuous groove. I think there’s some footage of us in Paris on you tube amongst all the rubbish Neil Young covers.

Shaz: Thank you guy’s this has been so awesome …..

You Rock My World ……

Have an Unreal week guys and rock for us all……

hugs Shaz (on Behalf of The Rock and Roll Report team)

You can listen to their tunes by heading over to their MySpace page at

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