The Rock and Roll Radio Spotlight is on: Audiorealm

If you’re looking for an incredible variety of rock and roll radio you should definitely check out Audiorealm. Much like Live 365 or Shoutcast, Audiorealm host hundreds of webcasters and rock and roll is extremely well represented. Feel like getting into the rock and roll radio act? Then go to Audiorealm’s sister company Spacial Audio and check out their incredible selection of webcasting software and services that could get you on the air is a matter of hours. And if you’re really serious, do not forget to participate in their webcasting forums where Spacial Audio is requesting input from all webcasters with respect to the new webcasting royalty rates currently under discussion. If you want to begin webcasting yourself or just want to get involved in a debate that will determine the future of small webcasters (at least in the United States) then educate yourself on the issues and contribute if you can to the debate. After all, with radio like that found on Audiorealm, we should all do what we can to prevent yet another avenue of radio diversity disappearing from the airwaves (or Internet).