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The Rock and Roll Radio Spotlight is on: Popism

Rock and roll lives where you live whether that be Saskatchewan or Serbia. That’s right Serbia, the home to Popism, an extraordinary rock and roll radio show hosted by Goran Obradovic. Goran plays an absolutely fantastic mixture of rock and roll broadcast every Thursday on both Radio MBI, Becej and Radio Fedra, Zrenjanin in Serbia. The only down side is that you will have to be in Serbia to listen since Popism isn’t streamed on the Internet, yet. If you want a taste of what Goran plays, subscribe to his playlist which not only features a list of the bands that he plays on his show every week but interesting commentary and band and record label links so you can check out the bands for yourself. On top of all of that Goran reviews all the music he plays (and more) on Torpedo Pop, a very cool record label out of Malmo, Sweden that warms the cockles of my heart because, as they state on their site “We think that there is so much great pop, powerpop, garage rock, modpop, surf etc that has been made, and are being made right now that don’t get the attention it deserves in the media today.” Halleluiah! Not only is Torpedo Pop a cool record label but it also features reviews, articles, links and a mail order business. So you see, even if you can’t listen to Popism yet, you can still be a part of the experience. Hopefully it will be streaming on the ‘Net soon but until then, keep burning the rock and roll light brightly Goran, you are doing one hell of a job.