Rock Radio 2.0

The Rock and Roll Radio Spotlight is on The NeverEndingWonder Radio Empire

The beauty of internet radio is that there are no limitations on its content. Station operators have the freedom to be as narrowly specialized or as wildly eclectic as they like. The NeverEndingWonder Radio Empire, strives to do both by offering “4 stations of internet radio to amuse, entertain, and enlighten you.” Run by a mysterious character known as Uncle Ozma, the NEW empire offers an amazing variety of programming that offers something for practically everybody.

The flagship station is NeverEndingWonder Radio, which can best be described as a throwback to the “freeform” radio of the early seventies. It features plenty of rock and roll, as well as just about every other genre imaginable. As Uncle Ozma says, “you never know what you’re going to hear.” In fact, some of the recordings even date back to 1878. NeverEndingWonder Radio is also the 2004 winner of Live365’s prestigious “Mikey” awards for Best Freeform Station and Most Idiosyncratic Station.

For those who like it weird, there’s Welcome to Weirdsville, which features a mind boggling variety of spoken word comedy and all manner of humorous and bizarre music by famous and unknown artists alike.

If you prefer singer/songwriters, the NEW empire offers Soaring Spirit Radio, which is dedicated exclusively to that genre. And if it’s show tunes you want, All the World’s a Stage! will satisfy even the most ravenous appetite for Tony Award winning musical entertainment.

To connect to any of the NeverEndingWonder Radio Empire’s stations, go to and follow the directions. While you’re there, be sure to check out the impressive gallery of album cover art that Uncle Ozma has compiled. He’s also passionately dedicated to promoting independent artists, so if you have any recordings don’t hesitate to send them in. There’s an excellent chance he will play them.

– Rock and Roll Wayne