The Rock and Roll Report Artist of the Week is Jayce Lewis

After four years beating skins for Losing Sun, a great eloctronica/experimental/metal band from South Wales UK, Jayce Lewis had to embark on a solo avenue for himself. Now Jayce is under the management of Dave Prowse MBE, who was the original ‘Darth Vadar’.

His new single ‘Icon’ has a mixture of good solid driven drum based rhythms with plenty of guitar overlaid with good catchy vocals. It kicks off with an intro of cosmic, catchy synth sounds, which the overall rhythm of the song picks up from. Guitar soon pick up after this, and the drums soon to have Jayce’s vocals very pleasingly running throughout.

Jayce is currently working on his new album titled ‘Chapter’. He has an ambitious target of adding his sound and style to that of those who have inspired him. This includes Underworld, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Gary Numan and Depeche Mode. You can hear the influence of this list very clearly. Jayce has set himself an ambitious target, and from my hearings of ‘Icon’, I think that Jayce stands every chance of achieving his goal.

His musical endeavors began at the age of six where, influenced by the likes of Queen and Metallica he picked up the guitar. Seven years later Sepultra took the position of main influence. From here Prodigy, fear factory, Pantera, Therapy? And Killing Joke all took their place in shaping Jayce, you can hear it all in his own style and drive of sound.

However, Jayce did not start drumming until some years later at the age of 19yrs old. Although experimenting on his friends drum kit the real opportunity came when Jayce was asked to replace a drummer for the band he was the guitarist for, lack of money meant the band had to pull together to buy Jayce a kit.

Both drum kit and Jayce’s ability very quickly grew over 2 years. With the kit starting out as a 5 piece – soon to become the double pedal 7 piece metal kit that served him so well over the rest of his touring years before being picked up by industry giant ‘Yamaha’. Jayce being a very talented Engineer – Fabricated his own drum Rack from Marine grade stainless Steel box section. The kit grew into an unrecognisable thumping power plant.

Jayce then went on to play with Losing Sun, who made a big impact on the industry over the 4 years they were together, Both his management and drumming skills were quite a powerful tool at this time.

In December 2008 Losing Sun went their separate ways, after two albums.

From this is it clear to see that Jayce is a highly talented individual with the drive and determination required to shine and make his mark.

Intense Nick


  1. This guy is the sexiest musician ever! Drummer turned Singer ooooooooo

    And what a voice ! Come to Scotland baby xxx

  2. Who is this guy? I have seen sex on legs before but Fwwwoooorrrr Jayce Lewis yes please. Keep making music baby 🙂 xxx

  3. Icon is super 🙂 I am buying this rockers CD. Have a show in Mumbai .. you’ll have a lot of fans here for sure !!

  4. Wasn’t sure at first. Love the voice wasn’t sure of the music but really got in to it. There’s a new track: or a preview of it which is frustrating! sounds very unique, he is a talented guy that’s for sure, lets see if the album as a whole is good? I hope so.


  5. Does anyone know where i can find Icon the Video? Been searching solid for days. Or is it not on release here in Europe till later?


  6. Where can i get Icon from? Saw the video and it blew my brains! amazing stuff. Does anyone have an MP3 ican have?


  7. Hey trent toll I am interested in knowing how you hear Jase back 5 years ago when he has only been a solo signer for 8 or 9 months? before that he was a drummer sheeeeeeesh nooob

  8. JAYCE LEWIS 100% ORIGINAL ! Not heard anything like it before

    Keep on making music Jayceeeeeeeee

    Come to Mexico

  9. Tom. I review demo’s and got something with this guy on it. It was baddd and mediocre. He drummed then, reckon he should’ve stuck to that rather then ‘bless’ us with his second rate Gary Numan soundalike.

  10. Second rate Gary Numan? pffffft dont think so mate. Your one of those people that would never be happy with anything, stand at the back of the show with arms crossed and a frown. I have to disagree with you on the Gary Numan link, I was a big fan on Numan and this guy sounds nothing like him pal.

  11. By far one of the best musicians out there Saw his Icon Video here in Nepal truly Amazing. Is it him on every instrument?
    plz plz plz

  12. I have been looking for this artist all over the web for shows in India/asia but have had no luck. There isn’t any mention of him on EMI websights or VH1 – he’s suppost to be touring as part of their ‘asia’ tour. His Myspace has dates but no venues…what is going on? I would have liked to find more information but his Myspace is limited. I am starting to get sceptical when I was a fan..

  13. Jayce Lewis is playing the Hard Rock Circuit .In the citys listed. The tour is a vh1 ,emi asia /virgin event i think .there’s a review in “The Times Of India” entertainment section of his first gig There.Or just Google it. Hope this helps.

  14. i saw his video on vh1…& heard his song…he is soo damn talented & distinct,he is on d drums,d guitars,..oooo…his voice…& he looks so sexy too…i was fan at d first sight..u r welcome to india jayce

  15. janko :- 21st hard rock Mumbi
    22nd hard rock Delhi
    23rd Hard rock Bangalore
    25 th Hard rock Pune
    Plus in store promotion at “Rayban” stores, t.v and radio interviews . The single “ICON” released later this year in europe.




  17. This guy is bland.

    i’m bored.

    His music is one guitar riff looped. The 80’s were poo. So is this. If you are interested in hard electro/rock listen to Rammstein or 9inchNails. I can’t even believe I’m commenting on this, I’m THAT bored.

  18. If you took the time to read he plays every instrument not just the guitar, If you dont like it then just fuck off and leave the rest of us enjoy.

    One thing i will point out, Rammstein or 9inch nails are a band of several members. Infact more than normal. Jayce is one person writing and playing every piece. 🙂

  19. Lexi – SO WHAT! I can play tuba, Clarinet and oboe. It means nothing. Many artists can play lots of instruments! This guy should concentrate on ONE instrument and excell on it! Load of old bollocks, just like his music. Which, incidently, comprises of just one song. Get writing and stop ego-wanking!

    T H I S M E A N S Y O U !

  20. tuba, Clarinet and oboe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Fuck off you are joking

    Get off this page NERDBOY !!

    HAHAHAHAHA Still Laughing …………..and you were serious !!

    Jayce Rox and has more than one track FYI

    Now please …………………………FUCK OFF

  21. Thanks Nile, Tuba clarinet and Oboe are all instruments you blow into. Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Signing and programming from what i read. there is no comparison. You sound like a private school boy or something and like the others say he has more than one track i saw him play in Sri Lanka thats 45 minutes! Now go and play blow your own trumpet (had too) and piss off


  22. Nile. Learn to spell you fucking Autistic retard. I was being sarcastic. ‘What the hell is ‘signing’? He works with the deaf too? There again, that would explain why any fucker would listen to this dirge. Lol.

  23. Hey eamon, Firstly the only autistic retard on here is you YOU BLIND AND THICK PRICK !

    For a start i didn’t and havent written anything with ‘signing’ in you wanker. read again

    and do us all a favour and FUCK OFF !! 😀

  24. OK I think it is about to close comments on this post. If people can’t debate the merits of the music but insist on name calling the whole point of comments is defeated. So either stick to the subject matter or don’t comment. Any more personal attacks will be deleted.


    The Rock and Roll Report

  25. Sooooo sad people knocking talented people who make music.All musicians are special its just another art form,and as such should be marveled at not slagged off.Most musicians arnt wealthy people but create music for the love of it.
    So come on and support these people.Jayce Lewis like lots of musicians is very talented .And this shows by people like emi,Gibson ,yamaha and others getting behind him.Watch this space and thanks for u’r support.

  26. hi all. Used to know Jayce Lewis from Losing Sun (check them out!). Seen them live a few times in Lincoln. Wish they were back together as they were the best. I’m not a fan of this solo stuff but good luck to him, each to his own.

  27. I saw Losing Sun in London underground back in the day. thought the singer was right up himself and the band were mediocre. this new solo work is great in my books. It covers a few territories in music. Got my vote!

  28. Hi Folks – Was suprised at the amount of posts on here…………… Good and Bad. Not going to please everyone – that i know! …..But thanks to all of you that are, The world needs critics…..Especially in this game, I can take it on the chin and am greatful for peoples honesty.

    It was Nick the editor of this review that contacted me with the amount of traffic this page was getting……..Album is almost finished and the Video goes live in the next few days.

    There are some issues on Youtube EMI channel with my video….these are being sorted out as we speak.

    Cheers guys

    Jayce Lewis

  29. I second Marks sentiments and thanks to Jayce again for dropping in, checking these comments out and replying. This site is all about ‘passion’ in music and there is a shedload here for sure………..

    I wish the best of luck to my friend Jayce along with every other musician/band who are working hard in an attempt to get noticed and share thier own individual styles.

    As the saying goes………’Long Live Rock’n’Roll’……….its down to all of us to make it so…

    Nick (UK correspondent)

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