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The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is Heaven’s Basement

(We continue our look back this summer at some past Bands of the Week. This week we feature Heaven’s Basement who were originally featured the week of February 9, 2009)

Born from the five corners of the UK with a sole ambition between them; to reach the summit of their potential and to be regarded alongside the bands that inspired them.

Heaven’s Basement are about evolution, growth and reaching new heights. Defiance, risk taking, and self-challenge are their hallmarks.

“Heaven’s Basement is dirty. It’s filthy. It’s sleazy. It’s gutter-rock by way of traditional heavy metal, and it’s straight-up awesome. From the minute the five-piece steps on stage you get the impression that this is the band of the night and do they ever prove it. Shirtless and coifed to the sky the band gets down and dirty and receives a boisterous reception for its troubles. Wearing its influences on bare arms (there’s a touch of Sabbath, a smidgen of the Crüe and more than a healthy portion of Axl Rose) iIt’s all snarling lyrics, melting solos and pure attitude

“We’re all about big, energetic, statements of intent”, says frontman Richie. “We’re the band that will make you fall in love with Rock n’ Roll all over again”.

I wanted to know more about these guys so I fired them off a few questions which they graciously took the time to answer:

ROCK PRINCESS…Can you Introduce the Band Members and a story of how you got together…..

Heaven’s Basement: Well we have the dark and twisted welshman Ritchie Hevanz on vocals, the wild and energtic Sid Glover from nowhere on lead guitar. On rhythm guitar is Jonny Rocker a man whos hair often proceeds his talents, and the time keeping mancunian that holds us together on drums is Chris Rivers. Then there’s me, Rob Randell on bass guitar.
We actually got together at the beginning of 2008 after splitting from a previous band a few of us were in. We realised we were in a bad deal and thought it was time to get out and after spending a good 6 months apart we started spending time together again, just hanging out and kinda just found ourselves back writing and playing again. After one party we were at, we started jamming together and by the end of the night we had a whole bunch of songs written and a name for the band and were like ‘fuck it lets do this’!!

Rock Princess…Where did the Name Heaven’s Basement come from..

HB: It came from the same night we were all out at a party at rich’s, the night we decided to re-group and had written the first batch of Heaven’s Basement tunes.
We all just found ourselves in rich’s basement at the party and i think it was sid that said “hey man its like were jamming in hevanz’s basement”! and everyone just turned round and was like “cool band name”! the rest is history.

Rock Princess…How would you describe Heavens Basement to a person that has never heard of you…(not that that is Likely :o) )

HB: New classic rock that will take our face off if your not wearing a protective mask! yeah its all right, i know what your thinking but have no fear, we give them out free at each gig so you can all keep your faces!

Rock Princess….What are the Bands that you guy’s rock to…..

We all have a core of bands that get us going like the obvious: Led Zep, ACDC, Rolling Stones, Guns ‘n Roses, Alice in chains, etc. But we all have our individual bands that we love personally like jonny’s a big oasis fan, rich has been known to listen to Matchbox 20, Sid loves Rammstein, Slipknot and a lot of heavier stuff, Chris is always trying to convince us Ratt are amazing (but fails in his argument!) and i get right royally caned for liking a bit of early genesis!

Rock Princess….What are the Plans for you in 2009…..

HB: Keep on gigging our asses off, writing plenty of new tunes, getting out to Europe and hopefully release our first album.

Rock Princess…..Have you got something funny or way out there that has happened to you as a Group or Individually
while playing a show…….

HB: HAHA! Yes plenty but not sure it’s for everyone’s ears! One that sticks out is getting stuck in Scarborough. We were playing The Beached Festival and we unloaded our van behind the stage and didn’t have enough time to move it before we went on. So we had to leave it blocking all ways in and out whilst we played, as we came off rich went to fetch the keys so we could load out and move the van but alas no keys could be found. Here we were blocking everything for all other bands and ended up being hitched to a tractor and being hauled out onto the pavement where we sat in freezing cold for about 8 hours waiting for our tow back. Luckily the van was open so it gave us an opportunity to have a few drinks and have a little party in our minibus and thanks to those that stayed with us, made it enjoyable!

I also have to give this a little mention just briefly, two nights ago we went out in Manchester for Sids birthday and all i will say is, he enjoyed a night of getting thrown out of everywhere into many snowy puddles haha!

Rock Princess…..Do you think it is difficult for a young band to get hooked to a label, and are you willing to get signed to some Major or are you willing to consider any offers…..

HB: We definitely consider everything that comes our way, but our main aim at the moment is to get a major deal, we feel for us its the best option but know that it is probably the hardest route and is extremely difficult for a young band to get hooked to a label. It seems at the moment to get a major deal that you have to have everything in place and ready to go and then you may gain some interest but you have to make sure you do the hard work first.

Rock Princess…And is there anything else you would like to add for your Fans…..Like pics….numbers….:o))) hahahaha kidding guy’s….relax !!! But please feel free to fill us in on anything you would like us to know…..

HB: Our fans obviously mean everything to us and we thank you all for the great support you’ve shown us throughout 2008. We hope to deliver even bigger and better things for you all in 2009 please join our team of cellar rats so we can continue in our onslaught of making sure that has heard of Heaven’s Basement!

Rock Princess……Id like to take the time to thank you for going above the call of duty and answering these for me…..

I so love all your wicked tunz’s…and the way you put it out there…..Is AWESOME …You’s are going BIG places and we are all behind you 100%……

and ok Ill drop the gun ….you can all relax now…..

hugs for you all……

Rock Princess xoxox

Download their amazing track Executioner’s Day right here courtesy of the band and The Rock and Roll Report and don’t forget to watch the video on Rock and Roll Report TV!

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These guys rock and sent me a friend request a while back…I dont recall how they came across my page. One of them took the time to email my cousin you was in basic training for the Navy at the time because one of his family members was in the military as well.

All I have to say is apparently there are a lot of blanks to be filled in…..

“Yes plenty but not sure it’s for everyone’s ears! “

Awesome write up and interview, great work Princess, its great to see ya back on board – YeeHaaa

Thanks sunshine its great to be back….dont they Kick Ass and are doing so much now i must catch up again with the lads…..

hugs xox

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