The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is Rhino Bucket (with free download!)

This week’s band of the week is Van Nuys, California based Rhino Bucket. Instead of telling you why we like these guys we decided to interview the band for a change of pace, something I hope to do every week now. And check out the free MP3 download at the end of the interview, something else we want to do every week. Enjoy!

Rock and Roll Report: I like to use the term Rock and Roll instead of just plain rock since I find it to be more inclusive. What is your definition of rock and roll?

Rhino Bucket: Rhino Bucket is my definition of rock and roll! LOL, just kidding. Anything that is rebellious and honest. As long as you mean what you say (sing) then you are alright by me.

RRR: You have been on a major label at Warners at the height of a hard rock resurgence and now you are on an independent label with Acetate Records. What for you is the difference between being on a major and an indie label?

Rhino Bucket: We get much more attention from Acetate Records. Warner Bros. was a factory. They put you on the assembly line, shipped you, and waited to see if you stuck. They were truly clueless when it came to Rhino Bucket. Acetate gets it and I’ve never been happier. We share the same vision for what Rhino Bucket is and what it should become.

RRR: Tell us a bit about the band, how you got started and who the members are.

Rhino Bucket: We started in 1987, signed to Warner Bros. / Reprise in 1989, did a couple of albums, toured quite a bit, had some videos on MTV Headbangers Ball, did an indie record with a bunch of scumbags at Full Moon Productions (Where’s my money, Bitches??), took a well deserved beer break, came back and signed with Acetate (The coolest label in the land), released a album, toured again, toured some more, and now we’re mixing the new masterpiece which should be due out in the Spring of 2009.

RRR: Some people will argue ’till the cows come home that rock and roll is dead or on its death bed. What do you guys think?

Rhino Bucket: Rock and Roll is fine, as is Rap and Hip-Hop, and Country, Norwegian Death Metal, Ska and even Classical. (Let’s face it, you can’t make a dime playing Jazz) The world is better place because of the internet. Now we have the freedom to listen and buy whatever we want.

RRR: How has your reception been since “An Then it Got Ugly?” Any fans from the ’90s that have reconnected with you or are these all new fans?

Rhino Bucket: It has been both. The fans from back in the day were thrilled to hear the new stuff and along the way we picked up a whole new batch of fans who were looking for something raw and honest, as we are.

RRR: You have been doing some soundtrack work. How has that been going and how did it come about?

Rhino Bucket: Lets be honest here., usually the director wants someone like Aerosmith or ACDC but when he, or she, finds out how much they want to get paid, they freak out. Luckily, there is always someone around them that says, “Have you ever heard of Rhino Bucket?” We’re good and cheap, like a decent whore. 🙂

RRR: What’s the new album sounding like?

Rhino Bucket: Like the last one but better. LOL… Uh, the songs are getting better and better every time. I’m really proud of what we pulled off this time and I do hope that enough people get a chance to hear it.

RRR: What are your plans for the remainder of the year and going into 2009?

Rhino Bucket: Wrapping up the mixing, getting the cover art together, watching Manchester United defend their title, and gearing up for some live gigs!

RRR: How do you feel about the new world of MySpace, podcasting, iPods and Web 2.0? Have you been using any of this stuff to spread the Rhino Bucket sound?

Rhino Bucket: If it helps reach out to people and gives them an opportunity to hear the band, then I’m all for it! Myspace is not yet a proven thing for me, as far as actually helping the band, but I’m willing to wait and see.

RRR: Anything you want to add?

Rhino Bucket: Support your local bands! That asshole up there on the stage at your local bar could be then next Kurt Cobain, you never know!

Download Rhino Bucket’s Sights Too High!