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The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is Walter Mitty & The Realists

This week’s Band of the Week should be familiar to any of you who have been following my recent adventures at Indie Week in Toronto or for those of you who actually attended the event. The band is Walter Mitty & The Realists and they won the whole Indie Week shebang!

Hailing from Limerick, Ireland the band comprises of Colin Bartley on Double Bass and Electric Bass, Conor MacTaidhg on Guitar, Percussion and Vocals, Niall MacTaidhg on Guitars and Vocals and Paul O’Shaughnessy on Drums, Percussion and Vocals. The thing that blows people away when they see Walter Mitty is the amazing amount of energy that literally pours off of the stage. These guys do not stand still for a minute and their effect on the crowd is amazing to watch.

They are currently in the studio with Fergal Lawler of the Cranberries and hope to have their debut CD in the spring of 2009.

Until then you can check out their MySpace page at and download Green Light, Go! courtesy of the band and The Rock and Roll Report! Enjoy!