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The Rock and Roll Report Focus is on Jesse Siebenberg

jesse-siebenberg.jpgJesse Siebenberg was almost destined to be part of the music scene: His father, Bob Siebenberg, is the drummer from the band Supertramp, and Scott Gorham from Thin Lizzy is Jesse’s Uncle. With that type of situation, it was only a matter of time before the music bug bit him.
With experience as a 13 year old session drummer under his belt and the time he spent composing his own music, Jesse took the next logical step and enrolled at Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studied film scoring, music production/engineering and composition. Later, he went on to California to continue his studies at Westmore College.

Taking the education he received in college, Jesse started producing for other people. During this time, Jesse met singer/songwriter/producer Todd Hannigan at Brotheryn Studios. There, Jesse teamed up with Todd and the two currently run Brotheryn Studios together with Jason Mariani. Since the time that Jesse joined Brotheryn Studios, the company has won many awards and praises.

Jesse Siebenberg has finally put out an album of his own music in 2007. The album, “Undiscovery”, features Jesse doing what he does best: creating the music on his own and playing almost every instrument himself. Along with guitar, bass, drums and other instruments that Jesse performs on, other roles he plays on the album include producer, engineer and string arranger.

A good way to describe Jesse’s sound is to say he has much in common with Tal Bachman: The two musicians come from musical families, they have similar styles of writing, they would be played on the same alternative rock radio format, and they both play many instruments on their respective albums.

The difference is in the strengths of the songs: While Tal Bachman only had “She’s So High,” as a hit, the rest of the album is not very strong. In comparison, “Undiscovery” could get major airtime on radio. The two strongest tracks, in my opinion, are: Me Inside You and Stranger in a Stranger’s Arms. This first release by one of the most talented musicians in the country is one of the best independent rock releases of 2007.
Having spent many years playing for other people, Jesse Siebenberg’s “Undiscovery” will help him make a name for himself as a writer to add to his reputation as a strong musician. Keep your eyes and ears open for this performer.

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Matheson Kamin