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The Rock and Roll Report Focus is on Walk The Moon

In the music industry, trends come and go. 30 years ago or so, from about 1977 to about 1981, there was a trend in music where bands were putting out what I would call “orchestrated rock,” rock music that came complete with string arrangements. Groups as famous as Queen and bands lost in time such as New England released albums that contained “orchestrated rock.” During this time period, there was no shortage of this type of music.

Nowadays, however, you’d be hard-pressed to find violins, violas, or any other types of strings in the music being produced by today’s artists. That is what sets the band Walk The Moon apart from the crowd: Their new release entitled The Anthem EP features two songs that would easily be described as “orchestrated rock.”

The Cincinnati band, which consists of Nicholas Petricca on keys and vocals, Adam Reifsnyder on bass and vocals, Sam Cole on guitar and vocals, and Ricky Human on drums, writes music that can be placed in the alternative rock genre. But with the string arrangements in their music, the band can also be placed in the same category as bands like Jethro Tull, Wizzard, Electric light Orchestra, and the band that preceded ELO, The Move. With that combination, you could easily consider Walk The Moon both modern and retro at the same time. And that’s what makes the band’s sound so fresh.

Walk The Moon’s 2008 release, The Anthem EP, contains 4 tracks. All four tracks, Stone Cold Fox and Angeline (the two “orchestrated rock” tracks) and the other two songs (Anthem and Jenny’s Got A……) could easily be played on radio as singles.

The band is celebrating right now as their EP has been out for only a few weeks as of this article. Another reason for the band to celebrate is that in a few weeks, they will be going to be taking part in a Battle of the Bands sponsored by Canada-based The band will also be opening for Sugarcult at Case Western University at the end of April.

Hopefully, in a little while, Walk The Moon will make it big. But right now, the band is making a name for itself. Check out Walk The Moon now by going to the band’s MySpace account @

Matheson Kamin

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