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The Rock and Roll Report Has a Listen to The Rosebuds


These days, having a band create and put out a concept album, an album where all the songs create a storyline, is almost unheard of. But that’s just what Raleigh, North Carolina band The Rosebuds have done with their new release, Night of the Furies.

Husband and wife duo of Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp were trying to wait out tropical storm Ernesto in the summer of 2006 when they conjured up stories about “the furies”. The furies being Roman Goddesses who ‘were born of night and punish crimes on Earth that go unpunished.’ When everything was said and done, Howard and Crisp had created the story that became Night of the Furies, the latest release of Howard and Crisp as The Rosebuds.

The story: The furies come down to punish those who have done wrong, when they encounter a man who is not so much frightened of the situation as he is curious. After some time, the furies got the man to agree to tell of the night to the others so that no one would forget what happened.

The man is chosen to be the one to spread the tale of the night because he is the most beautiful of all men and women, and he loves all the animals and is a good-natured individual. He can also sing. He sings lovely songs to himself when he was nervous.

Upon hearing the man sing, one of the furies falls in love with him. But since she’s a goddess and he’s a mortal being, she couldn’t simply kill him to make him her lover, especially since the furies have already decided to choose him to spread the story of that night. Though it kills her inside, she will listen to his beautiful songs and wait until the day when the two of them could be together, forever.

Night of the Furies features some strong tracks. One of the strongest tracks on the album is the first song, “My Punishment for Fighting”, which acts like the overture for the album. Other strong tracks include “Get Up Get Out” and “Silja Line”.

Night of the Furies is the third album for the Rosebuds. The 2007 album is also the third Merge Records release for the group. The music for this album is in the same vein as bands like The Cure and OMD. Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp play most of the instruments on the album, with a little help from some friends. When touring, they bring a few musicians with them to help fill out their sound.

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Matheson Kamen