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The Rock and Roll Report Needs You!

Yes that’s right. I am looking for somebody to help in a complete re-design of The Rock and Roll Report as I approach the one year anniversary of my humble little slice of rock and roll cyberspace. Current plans call for a complete frontend and backend overhaul. No pixel will be left unturned! The plans are to move to either Movable Type or Expression Engine so if you have experience in either of these plus a graphical flair and a love of niche-free rock and roll then e-mail me and let’s see if we can push this whole thing up a notch! This site can be a whole lot more than what I have done so far but I do need some help. Are you up for the task? The pay stinks (since there is none) but this is your chance to strut your web design stuff (or pad your portfolio!). Nobody will be turned away! Help me make this a rock and roll experience that you would be proud of. Operators are standing by. Get in touch with me today!
UPDATE! I have added to my list of software to be evaluated Blosxom, Textpattern and WordPress. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
UPDATE #2 I have qualified for a non-commercial license of Expression Engine so for the next few weeks I will be evaluating this product. Anybody with experience with EE and/or PHP would be certainly welcome. Thanks.