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The Rock and Roll Report Radio Playlist for May 14, 2007

radio-mic.jpgWell another Rock and Roll Report Radio on the Drastic Plastic Program on CKUT FM has come and gone. I must apologize for running out of time and therefore not back-announcing the last 4 songs played but such is the risks I run when I try to cram in as much music as possible in 60 minutes. This is one of the reasons why the upcoming Rock and Roll Report podcast will be such a great outlet as I will be able to feature much more music once a week, every week than is possible now on the monthly Rock and Roll Report Radio.

Once again I tried to emphasize the “niche-free” nature of The Rock and Roll Report by roaming all over the musical map. From the metal stylings of Accomplice to the more “modern, indie” style rock of The Tender Box to the glam of Atomic Swindlers and the “kick-ass, down and dirty” Bamboo Kids, I try to demonstrate to you how much great indie and DIY rock and roll that there is out there. I am consistently amazed that none of this stuff is able to find a home on commercial rock radio. Because of that, The Rock and Roll Report will always be promoting and playing this stuff every chance we get to prove to you and ourselves that rock and roll is not only alive and well but kicking, screaming and vibrating across the sonic landscape with as much immediacy and impact as it ever had. As a side note, in addition to the audio podcast we have a video podcast in the pipeline as well as some plans for a “Rock and Roll Report Presents” style live showcase so you will hopefully be able to experience live what I play on the radio.

Here is what I played last night. If you like what you heard, please make sure you support the artists in question by buying their CD. Thanks.

Song – Album – Artist

  1. Cut On Your Tongue – Electric Satisfaction – Crash Kelly
  2. Eternity – Daphne – Daphne
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  3. Before It’s Over – 02 – Rotten Cheri
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  4. Autobahn – She’s On Fire – Accomplice
  5. Breakin Out – Tatooed Millionaires (not yet released) – The Annex
  6. War – Get Real – Altered State
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  7. Near the End – Hot To Kill EP – Die Mannequin
  8. She Got Off– Grass is Always Greener – Bamboo Kids
  9. Away From Here – Single – The Enemy
  10. Wrong – You Can’t Change the World – The Morning Stars
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  11. Mister Sister – The Score – The Tender Box
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  12. Diamond Dreamer – Coming Out Electric – Atomic Swindlers
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  13. Bourbon & Ice – The Mainliners – The Mainliners

drastic plastic 128kbps Podcast (podcast link only good for one week from date of broadcast)

I’ll be back on the air as part of the 3 Amigos extravaganza on May 28th at the same time so be sure to stop by and have a listen!