Rock Radio 2.0

The Rock and Roll Report Podcast Focus is on The Plan 9 Rock Show

plan-nine.jpgI really don’t listen to what I like to call “traditional” radio anymore. Oh sure once in awhile in the car I will switch on the local classic rock or alternative rock radio stations but the majority of my listening is done to non-commercial and public radio (and even that is dropping dramatically. Don’t tell CKUT!) and especially podcasts. I am not a paid schill for Apple but the iPod and iTunes make a killer combination that makes subscribing to great rock and roll podcasts merely a matter of a click or two. No fuss, no muss.

One of the things that I have learned is that because it is so easy to subscribe to podcasts in iTunes, you tend to go crazy at first and I subscribed to a ton of podcasts originally if they had any connection to rock and roll, no matter how tenuous. The thing I discovered quickly is that it becomes impossible to listen to all this stuff unless you plan on wearing your iPod 24/7 and not sleeping so I have now joined the “quality over quantity” club and subscribe to far less podcasts than before.

One of the podcasts that I do subscribe to is the Plan Nine Rock Show. Hosted by Jasper, the owner of graphic design and screen printing studio Plan Nine Print, the Plan Nine Rock Show plays a lot of very cool rock and roll and Jasper conducts great interviews with bands, mainly because he comes across to them as a genuine fan and not some asshole “in the biz.” The podcast is usually a good hour and what is so nice about podcasts is that you can review his playlist after the show and check out the websites of the bands he has played and purchase a CD or download. This is a great show and definitely a priority listen for me.

You can check out the show’s MySpace page here: