The Rock and Roll Report Podcast Is Now Part of the Ass of Rock and the iTunes Music Store!

I am happy to report that the Rock and Roll Report has been accepted into the very cool podcast fraternity that is known as the Ass of Rock. The brainchild of Rock and Roll Geek Michael Butler (also known as the bassist of American Heartbreak amongst a number of rockin’ bands) The Association of Rock Podcasts is your one stop shop for great rock and roll podcasts. You want to rock? Well the Ass of Rock has it all so check it out and enjoy not just the Rock and Roll Report Podcast but a multitude of other podcasts that will make your ears happy.

In addition to the Ass of Rock I am stoked to announce that the Rock and Roll Report Podcast can now be found at the iTunes Music Store. Probably the number one destination for those interested in checking out the world of podcasting, the iTunes Music Store features over 125,000 podcasts of which most are free. My little section of the store can be found at

I am submitting the podcast to a number of other directories and I will keep you updated on when they will be available. If you have any suggestions then by all means give me a shout at

Thanks for listening.